A/V Processors, What are we waiting for?

I am looking for an A/V processor or splitter that will keep up with HDMI and HDCP and also give me multiple toslink and coax inputs that will also allow me to bi-amp. I know that 1080p is the next big thing so at least an ability to receive this would be nice.

I want to be able to run my Satellite, DVD (perhaps with 1080p ability), and computer to at least two zones. It would be nice to have an analog passthru and a pre-out.

I suspect that this is not available yet. Or is it?

Your processor is readily available. I am a dealer for Anthem.

The newest Anthem processors the D2 which is shipping offers superb performance, HDMI switching and has an advanced built in video processor which can even upconvert 1080i to 1080p this unit is also reasonably priced and extremely flexible.

You can reach us at Audiodoctor.com
HDMI and HDCP-----how can you "upgrade" to a technology that doesn't work?

FYI: HDMI still does not operate at its original specification. A travesty that no one wants to talk about.

Just buy an outboard video processor/switcher...ideally a matrix switcher (2,4,8 zones if you like) saving you money and improving performance of your video and audio systems. Most video switchers can be synchronized to switch with your HT processor and multi-room systems very easily and their dedicated performance will likely meet or beat even the best video in an audio processor.
Audiooracle: thanks for the tip on the Anthem D2. You need to work on you web page. Still, with your lead I was able to go over to a couple of interesting threads on AVSFORUM.COM

The Anthem home page was not of much value. This seems to be a good unit, expecially if I want a first-rate scaler. I already own a NEC 50XM5 which has a really good internal processor so I might lean more toward Cenematic's suggestion.

Cenematic: Do you suggest any unit in particular?
I have been reading up on both Anthem and Matrix. Both would work for me, at least for now. This HDCP handshake thing is a bit disconcerting. Since it seems that I can only send a HDCP signal to one source at a time it looks like I will be running a whole lot more component cable than I thought. Also, I will be running conduit anywhere I can for future upgrades.
Key Digital
All make adequate switchers, all different enough that one may be perfect for you.
THe built in scaler in the Anthem will outperform your Nec scaler. The Anthem scaler is a Genium VXP and is rumored to be even better than the Realta engines.

I am awaiting my D2 but I did see a prototype at the show and it was very impressive. The Anthem can process any video input all the way to 1080P and by being inside the processor seemless routing is possible.

I can't wait till mine comes!
i have an avm 50 shipping to me tomorrow, i cant wait.