A/V Cable needed

I need a cable I've never seen before. It has 3 RCA (Red, White, Yellow) plugs at one end and a mini plug at the other end. I want to use a small monitor to manage the setup of my Denon 2910 universal player which I use only for audio. This is the only type of connection available on this particular monitor. Anyone know what I'm asking for and willing to point me in the right direction for purchase? Thanks.
Is it really a "mini-plug" (?); or is it actually an HD15 RGB plug like this one at the link below..


If this is the cable you need, make sure the pin layout is compatible.
It looks like a mini-jack and not like a RGB plug. Thanks.
What kind of cables come with the various brands of Video Game consoles.? This might be a source.?

White/Red usually denotes left/right audio, and yellow is coax video.

It's probably like this one that's used to connect video iPods. It has RCA's on one end for composite video and right and left audio. The other end is the same size as a mini-stereo plug but has three connector bands plus ground rather than the two plus ground of a stereo mini plug. An identical cable comes with the Kensington multimedia dock for iPods and there are probably other sources.
The yellow is composite video. You likely don't need the red and white which are L&R analog audio cables. My car LCD monitor set uses a yellow mini-plug for video. Maybe you can find a composite video cable that is RCA on one end and mini-plug on the other end.

Found it! It's a camcorder to VCR cable. Makes sense. The camcorder has limited real estate, therefore the need for the 3 conductor mini plug. Here's a link to one:



Here is another for a lot less money than the Monster: less than 1/10th the price!


Thanks guys. I've ordered one that looks like it will do the trick. I still don't know if there is a standard wiritng topology so that L/R and Video RCAs match the three hotpoints on the mini-plug regardless of manufacturer.

It really doesn't matter if the wiring topology is correct. They are all the same type of conductor, etc., so simply connect the mini plug on one end and move around the rcas on the other end until you get the correct connection.

My guess is that the cable is going to work correctly as labeled.


Reubent....DOH!....I feel stupid. Of course, it will work.