a used Classe Cav 150 Vs. Rotel 1095

I am currently looking to purchase a used Classe Cav 150 or a New/Maybe used Rotel 1095. I listen to both of them at a Hi-Fi store and they both sounded good, but they were being played on B&W n802. I have Dynaudio speakers which need a little more juice. I would love to audition myself but the Dyn dealer does not carry either of the amp brands. So I was wondering if anyone has any input into this? I have narrowed in down to these to and they are both under $2000.00.
Did you ask about demo at home? Many stores will let you do this overnight if you leave a credit card impression and they consider you a serious customer. Of course, for that service, plan to buy the gear from the dealer.

- Eric
p.s. You could also haul your speakers in to them. I did this for a couple of demos.
W/o having heard them, and no offense to Rotel, but its hard to image Classe' woould not be hands-down superior. I have a DAC and the sound, build quality and service are definately world class. Rotel offers good value, but Classe' is true high end.
I would second that.

I have a Rotel 2-channel amp which I am about to replace with a Classe CA-200. The Rotel has done well for me, but I knew from the beginning that other amps sounded better (when I could afford them!).

I demoed (in my home) the top-of-the-line 2-channel Rotel pre-amp head-to-head against the low-end Classe pre-amp (CP-35) which I now have, and found the Rotel muddy and imprecise compared to the Classe. Of course the Classe list price is double the Rotel's.

I also demoed Classe and Rotel multi-channel amps at the dealer (not head-to-head, though, since I wasn't in the market for multi-channel) and the Classe was again much more precise (to be fair, the Classe was paired with better source, speakers, and room).

I agree, this isn't a knock against Rotel, which sounded quite a bit better than the Denon receiver I initially compared it to.

BTW, the Classe multi-channel amps are enormous and heavy, make sure you have the space and ventilation for this thing.
I just replaced my Rotel RB993 200X3 with the Classe CAV75.
Using the CAV75 as a 150X3 and I think the Classe is much more musical sounding and even drives harder then the Rotel, not to mention that the Classe also runs much cooler then the Rotel. I am using the CAV75 with a Classe CA-151 that drives my B&W CDM9nts and the CAV75 drives my B&W center and rear surrounds. I think you will be much happier with the Classe.