A turntable around $250?

I know turntables can run the gamut on price, but what would someone here consider as a good used turntable for around $250 used? I have a Sony PSX-50 from the 80's and need to either get it working or buy a nice used one to play my old vinyl. Thanks for any suggestions.
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MARANTZes like the old 6150 is incredibly good for about $100. Better yet look for a SYSTEMDEK XII for around $350. I like the Duals especially sleepers like the 1226, 1218, 1237. If you're lucky a Thorens 160 145, 125,166 . REKOKUTS too. Lots to chose from and you can't go wrong. I've heard them and fixed them all....
I sold my TD150 last year with a Shure cartridge and new stylus for less than $200. These are nice out of the box, have a terrific bearing, and can be substantially upgraded if that floats your boat.

Biggest thing: they're very musical! I lived with mine for 20+ years very happily.

Had and used a Phillips GA 312 for about 17 years. It still worked fine but the cueing fluid was gone and I traded up to an LP12. I used a number of Stantons with it.
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The ps-x50 is a very good sounding TT - a friend of mine had one that broke down because of the automatic features (REJECT, etc.) I opened it up, and literally tore out the linkages which do the auto stuff with my bare hands - leaving it as a 100% Manual TT. The thing sounded GREAT after that! You could consider trying that before spending any money. I've been tempted to get one myself and do the same thing.

As far 250 TT's goe, I'd recommend a used Technics 1200 or a used Dual CS5000. I've had both and they are very acceptable sonically.
No idea. On GA 312, it's a manual TT except the arm cues up at the end with, what looks like a rocker switch. I was told (maybe incorrectly) there's a fluid involved with the switch. All I know is that the arm wouldn't stay cued up. After 17 years...
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