A Tribute to the Sequerra MET 7

I've been preaching the virtues of this speaker for years. I bought my pair around 2001 here on Agon... they were already a few years old. I think I have the Mk 2. I replaced some Vandersteen 2Ces...but man I didn't look back!

They are small, extremely dynamic and have amazing imaging. The tone is wonderful if the range is somewhat limited (as many monitors are). I have often gone to audio stores and listened to monitors many times their price. Almost without exception i end up thinking that they just don't sound as good as my Sequerras. I suspect that these are one of the great secrets of high end audio.

I've been waiting for years for someone to send me a tear filled email saying "thank god that I listened to you...I bought a pair and my life is now fulfilled." But I think they are just too unknown to really draw people unless they know Dick Sequerra himself. Also, you can't find them at stores...I think Dick only does factory direct sales. Oh well.

But truly. I now have a speaker that is 5x as expensive and 10x as large. I just hooked up my old Sequerras again and I'm still stunned with them. They are simply beautiful to listen to and I'm so glad that I never sold them.

Ok, I guess I need to end on a question...Has anyone compared the newer versions of the speaker (MK vi or the earlier versions like my Mk II? I believe that the later versions are slightly larger. I wondered if they retain all of their magic. I know Dick stills sells them direct for a pittance.
A photo would help. I can tell you how everything works together.

I Have a had a pair of MET 7 ‘s  since 1985 or so ....wnd they are wonders ...recently bought a pair of Boenicke w5 ‘s ...and they have all the same atributes as the Met 7’s  ease of placement .soundstage and musicality ...they have been in use since 1985 and still are in A+ state no deterioration of speaker surrounds etc
And they still are able to bring a smile to my face  
Hi, I have the MET 7 mark 2 version. Anyone know the prefer height for speaker stands? Some folks said it's 32", some said it shall be 28"? Thanks.
I just picked up a pair of the originals, owned by a guy who's had them since they were new(he was 13 then). Just for shits and giggles I replaced my Spendor S3/5's with them and am listening to them now. One hour playing loudly and they are already showing improvement in the lower mids. Great for clear dialogue and Foley effects...
I, to this day regret selling mine. A very dynamic speaker for it's size.