A thought on the values/steals in used Audio now...for family/friends?

Like many of you, I have helped friends and family with finding the right items and/or system for their needs. 

I know this is personal opinion, but what have you found to be some of the best options/values available on the used market today?   I am thinking of a system based on a disc player, amplification of some type (receiver, integrated, etc.), speakers and the cables needed.  As a bit of a sidelight, an FM tuner (receiver) may be a thought depending on the availability of stations in any given area that are worth the effort/thought. 

Helping others on many things  in life has always been a benefit to my own choices/life. 

I don’t think there’s many good deals right now the pandemic has caused a rise in audio sales most likely due to people staying home more. this has also further fueled the crazy prices of used gear specifically vintage gear. I’ve seen some vintage stuff double in price the last year alone. I know many of the vintage stuff has been going up for some time but the pandemic has fueled the rise faster and to silly levels. you may still find a deal on new-newer gear though.
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