A thin and elegant system?

If I add up the weight of everything in the front of my music room, it is over 500 pounds and pretty much fills a 16' wide wall. Don't get me wrong... it is all there for a reason and produces some wonderful sound, but it got me wondering if there was an alternative out there that was the opposite.

Minimalist, elegant, thin.

So that is the foundation of my question: What thin and elegant speakers do you know of that produce amazing sound?  What dac/amp/receiver that is outside of the standard component box shape?

I'd like to keep the cost of the entire system under $5K.


BTW - read the SoundStage comparison of the Devialet to the Benchmark AHB2. The AHB2 is quieter and a lot cheaper.

I plan to upgrade to the KEF Blade2 and buy a second AHB2 amp and switch them to monoblock mode.
So if it will be not thin, but just small? Like Spatial, Omega XRS, Ohm Walsh Tall and etc.
If you want something stylish and different, without the box, I suggest you check out the Spatial Audio speakers. They can't be placed against the wall, but they sound as good as anything out there, and look much "lighter" and hip than your typical tower.