A thin and elegant system?

If I add up the weight of everything in the front of my music room, it is over 500 pounds and pretty much fills a 16' wide wall. Don't get me wrong... it is all there for a reason and produces some wonderful sound, but it got me wondering if there was an alternative out there that was the opposite.

Minimalist, elegant, thin.

So that is the foundation of my question: What thin and elegant speakers do you know of that produce amazing sound?  What dac/amp/receiver that is outside of the standard component box shape?

I'd like to keep the cost of the entire system under $5K.


devialet makes a model around the $6 range and you may find a used model in your price range. also moon has a new model called the ace which sounds good. micromega has a new unit similar to the devialet that sounds very promising and is loaded with features (dac, stream, mm/mc, room correction). 
I'm just wondering why you are concerned about how heavy your gear is.
Do you move it around a lot?
The Devialet 120 around $3500 used is a zero compromise component that offers state of the art amplification, preamplification, d/a and phono. Pair it with speakers you like that are SAM ready (I use ls50s) and there will be no beating it at 5k in my opinion. 

Devialet actually innovates and creates new technologies. Their stuff is down right stunning both asthetically and sonically. 
The weight isn't an issue - just a way of summing up the mass of it all.

I appreciate the answers, but most of these are simply boxes with drivers on the front face - and yes I know the reasons for that - but I think I am after alternative designs.  The KEF Blade is a good, albiet expensive, example.   Perhaps speakers that have a sculptural sensibilty over the traditional box tower?
My base system summarized:  Benchmark DAC2 + Benchmark AHB2 + microRendu + KEF LS50 speakers = $6200.  Buying a used DAC2 and KEF speakers would get me to $5K for the base system. The listed items are super light and small. 

My suggestion is an Benchmark DAC2 (with 2 analog inputs and volume control), the Benchmark AHB2 amp, a Sonare microRendu, ROON or JRiver music server software, TIDAL monthly subscription, a computer in a far away room, a mobile communication device (iPad, Surface, iPhone, Android). I think you will have many speakers to choose from with the AHB2 amp. I have my TV, XBox, and microRendu connected to the digital inputs on the DAC2. I have an analog tuner that I have connected to the analog input on the DAC2. I have a remote for the DAC2. I use the mobile communication device with a ROON app to talk to my noisy computer which is at the other end of the house. I have a direct Ethernet wire from my network router to the mircoRendu (which connects to the USB input of the DAC2). You can also use D-link type of wired connections (or even wifi via some device) for the computer and microRendu but I prefer the reliability of the wired connection to my DAC. Notice that I have a noisy computer, it does not matter with the microRendu.