A Tech Question

I took delivery of a McIntosh MCD 301 SACD Player this week from Audio Classics.  I love the player but I am wondering what dac the player is using.  If anyone knows, can you chime in?  I ask because this player sounds as good and smooth as my Esoteric player which uses the PCM1704 chip and the sound from the McIntosh is very similar.


Burr-Brown DSD 1792 DAC chip

From memory, this chip is what they made after stopping manufacture of the PCM1704 because of the very high cost of making them, laser trimming the R2R resistors.

The 1792 is a bit of a hybrid chip, Multibit and Bitstream (Delta Sigma) it lowered the cost of manufacture without too much penalty when playing Redbook pcm cd’s, there are some that like it’s sound, I still prefer the 1704.

The 1794 or is it 96 is even better than the 1792, still hybrid but with more Multibit component I believe.

To me it sounds like their going around in circles.

Cheers George