A tade more briteness - Jolida 302b. Tubes?

I have a Jolida 302b, a Jolida CD player and Tyler Ref. Monitors wired with Signal Cable. I am looking from a bit more treble, briteness, highs whatever you want to call it. A little more sparkle. Will tube rolling help with this? Suggestions please.
If you are running stock tubes, then absolutely, you can get more open highs with a tube change. Cabling can also bring out more in the high end as well. I'd start with the tubes at the source, and even a power cable on the source. When I had the Jolida JD-100 (is that the model you have?), it really came to life (much better frequency extension, less constriction on the music) with a good pair of NOS tubes and an upgraded power cord. Lots of info in the archives on various options for that player. The other source of constriction is often the interconnect cables. If you are using Signal, consider trying something like Analysis Plus Solo Crystal, Luminous Audio Synchestra, Z-Squared Au/Au, etc. When it comes to cabling, my recommendation is to keep an open mind, pick a price limit with which you are comfortable, and if you buy used, you can always re-sell (at no loss) those that don't work for you.
Very nice system. Enjoy!
Boa2, thanks for the very senceable advice! What about changing tubes on the Jolida 302b? Yes, I have the JD 100.
Gretsch6120, I think I posted this in your other thread, but this should do:

Powertubes: SED (Svetlana) EL43 or JJ E34L
I liked the SED a bit more than the JJ, smoother highs, a little softer bass, deeper soundstage. However, I had a couple of SED failing after very short time, with the JJ being very stable.

Preamp and driver tubes (my favorite combination)
12AX7 1970s Tesla E83CC Frame Grid gold pin
12AT7 1980s Mullard CV4024
Altnernatively the EH 12AX7 gold pin worked quite well also. Not as nice as the Tesla, but still good.

Preamp and driver tubes (alternative combination)
12AX7 1980s Jan GE 5751
12AT7 19??s BRIMAR 6060 T-Series Black Plates

The preamp tubes will have probably the greatest effect on the sound. The Tesla E83CC NOS or alternatively the EH 12AX7 Gold pin should do the trick for extended highs. Also, you could combine the Tesla with the Brimar 6060 and get a really detailed, lively and a little forward sounding combination. (A little too much in my system)

Good luck tube rolling,
You can DEFINITELY add more sparkle to the Jolida 302B.

First, you REALLY have to upgrade the tubes. I recommend JJ Blue Glass E34L, and Ei 12AX7/12AU7 tubes. Others seem to also like the JJ 12AX7/12AU7.

And, I certainly agree with Howard (Boa2) on cabling. In my experience, HomeGrown Audio Silver Lace is a most wonderful cable. It's engaging, without being harsh. Bass is also of note.
I've never heard the tyler speakers... But in general, an EL34 amp is a midrange amp. Cables and tubes are "tweaks" as far as I'm concerned, and shouldn't be relied on as tone controls. You might just be experiencing the limitation of the Jolida integrated amp, which is a midrange champ, but not a frequency extension champ. Try borrowing a Simaudio power amp (or another good SS amp) and use your Jolida as a preamp. See if this changes the tonal balance to your liking.
Goatwuss, the Jolida can't be used as a preamp, since it needs a constant load on the outputs. From my own experience I can say that the Jolida is limited by its stock chines tubes. Changing the input ones to other, current production or NOS tubes makes a big difference.

Cables and tubes are "tweaks" as far as I'm concerned, and shouldn't be relied on as tone controls.
Man, is this a tiresome refrain, and one that has no application in this instance. You are not looking to change the tone. You are looking for high frequency access. The information is there, on the source disc, and experimenting with cables/tubes in your situation will absolutely yield the result you want. End of story.
Completely agree c Trelja. I have Ei EL34 & Ei 12AU7. I found them extremely good and reliable for the money and have the extended highs you are looking for if you are not into NOS.
Howard, I could NOT agree with you any more strongly!!!

My Jadis Orchestra Reference was a very good amplifier when I began with it. A silver power cord raised its level of performance by providing me with blacker blackgrounds, lower noise, better bass, more clarity, and more sparkle. The HGA SilverLace upped it even more. And, when I retubed with JJ Blue Glass E34L tubes, it became, in my opinion, a world class amplifier.

Should I have just accepted the performance I got right out of the box? That would have been VERY stupid. For a total outlay of less than $500, in my opinion, I raised the bar of my component from competing with $5000 competition to competing with anything. If I wanted to do that otherwise, I'd need to move into a completely different amplifier, at 2 - 3 times the price.

Glai, I think we agree on the Ei. They certainly are special. Ultimately, I did find Mullard Blackburn tubes to be clearly better than the Ei, but for about $7/tube versus $35 - $50, the value for money is with the Ei in spades. You really have to spend 7 - 10X more to beat them.
I cannot address your Jolida. However, in my Conrad Johnson MV-55, I have evolved my EL-34's from Svetlana to JJ to Electro Harmonix (EL34H) and finally have nice treble!
Can I substitute the 12AT7 with EI 12AU7 in the Jolida 302b?
I would change the input tubes with mullards or others. They make a big difference to the stock tubes.

Or look into an ASL aq1001DT - it is a tube integrated that sounds like a tube and SS - which will brighten things up. At least it has solid highs for me.
I have settled on the the following combination after much experimentation with current issue tubes.

Svetlana EL34 (also tried Mullard, JJ Tesla, Mesa Boogie, Chinese stock)

Tung-Sol 12AX7 (also tried Ei, JJ Tesla, EH, Sovtek)

Mullard 12AT7 (also tried JJ Tesla and EH)

Extension, detail and image are now the best I've yet heard on the 302B.
After tube rolling with Mullard, JJ Tesla, Sovtek and the EH el34's. I found that the Electro Harmonix Big bottle 6CA7's were over all killer in my Jolida 302B amp. Excellent highs and awsome bass response very clean.
The preamp tubes I am using the EH gold pins 12AX7/12AT7.