a system to complement my dynaudio anniversary 25

I listen to classical and jazz. I purchased the dynaudio 25's. I currently have creek equipment. Would the Krell 300i integrated amp with the krell 300 cd do justice to these speakers.
I have heard the krell integrated (not sure which one) a few years back and was very unimpressed. Not musical at all (to my ears back then), no dimensionality to the music, flat, I liked my $500 parasound amp much better.
I don't think so. Your 25s are superrevealing, and need better electronics. I would look to a BAT integrated, or go separates and get Krell FPB with a tube preamp.

The Classe is a bad match with Dynaudio i think. Plinius gets raves, but there is an unhappy 1.3SE user who says the 8200 has no bass....
Hi, I am the former unhappy user with 1.3SE and 8200P MkII.

I have been looking for the reasons of that lack of bass, and I have found them out of the amp.

First I thought that the guilty was the amp, as it sounded like it had no current to move the speakers. Finally I took it to a dealer and tested all my gear separately with several different components.

About the amp, I paired it with Dynaudio Contour 3.0, Gryphon pre and Wadia 861, and I can say that it was able to move the speakers and get fine sound. I liked it best without the preamp, the Wadia direct into the amp.

In fact, now I find the 8200P as what it is and people rave about: a fine and powerful amp with very good controlled bass and sweet mids and highs, highly recommended with ultra-revealing Dynaudio speakers.

Now I am thinking about a SA102, not because the 8200 isn´t enough for me, just for the upgrade worm. If I had the money, I would give a SA102 a chance with Special 25´s.

I must say that all people at Plinius, specially Peter Thompson in New Zealand and Vince Galbo as USA distributor, though I am spanish, have made a very good treatment for me, I asked them and every moment they have been worrying and helping with my problem. Chapeau!

As soon as I get my problem solved, and I think I have found it, I will write an explaining post, and I repeat the amp works fine.

I used to own a dynaudio 1.3Mk II and was really happy with the sound paired with the Plinius 8200 MkII (integrated). The midrange and highs never caused any ear fatigue. Bass was deep but not as tight (but i guess this was more because of the speakers not the amp, Im sure the special 25 will perform better). I listened mostly to vocals and was very impressed with the midrange. To my ears, plinius and dynaudio gear are a good match. Rest of the gear is MF Nu vista 3D cd player, Analysis Plus 9 cables, Dh Labs Air Matrix Interconnect all plugged into audiprism foundation 2.
Unfortunately, i wasnt able to compare it (plinius) with the other gear you mentioned. Hope this helps.
I have the 25s in my second system, which I pieced together with used equipment that I am intimately familiar with. The front end is a Theta Miles CD player with variable balanced analog outputs (available for around $1100 used). It drives an Aragon 8008BB balanced power amp (available for around $1300 used) directly via Straight Wire Maestro balanced interconnects. The amp drives the 25s via Maestro speaker cables, and the 25s sit on 24" Osiris stands filled with a mix of #8 lead shot and dry playground sand. The Theta Miles and the Aragon 8008BB are a marriage made in heaven, easily embarrasing combinations 3 to 4 times their retail price. I substituted my Krell FPB400cx for the Aragon just for kicks, and was grossly disappointed in the result. The Aragon isn't the poor man's Krell like the reviewers used to say - it's a Krell killer. I also substituted my Levinson No. 390S for the Miles, and realized the expected improvement in detail and clarity. But for a second system, I'll stack the 25/Miles/8008BB combo up against 90% of the main systems out there.