A system for rock and dance

I'm looking to purchase an amp and digital front end for listening to mainly rock and dance It's got to have slam, transparency and great imaging for vocals. budget is £5000 for both.

Current speakers are 805's

Thoughts welcome.

Your 805's are small speakers. It may be better to get something full range.
What do you mean by "digital front end?" Are you looking for some sort of a preamp with music server functions?

Well, I don't know about your speakers being too small. I have a pair of Paradigm Studio 10s with a small REL sub and the setup rocks for parties. My den area is 15X21 and it opens up into the kitchen/breakfast area which is about the same size.

If you're looking for a system that sounds good and is easy to use, I'll build something around a Sonos unit. I'd look at an amp in about the 100 to 150 wpc range and a nice preamp. I'm not going to suggest anything, because all of the equipment out there right now in your price range is good. What's good for you is a matter of taste.

As for the Sonos setup, considering your budget, I'd get a modified Sonos from Wyred4Sound for around $900 and a Synology NAS (assuming that you already have a network setup at your home.

When I have parties, I just leave an iPad out on a table so that my guests can add to the playlist (yes, it's that easy to use).