A Suggestion Regarding Removal Of Posts

Three suggestions for providing greater transparency in why certain actions are taken. 

When a post is removed from a thread it now reads "Post Removed" followed by the date.  I suggest it should include who the poster was and the reason why the post was removed.

A thread could be terminated, but not removed.  The moderates should be able to stop any new posts from being added to a thread, but the thread should be available for viewing and archived.

Lastly, give the starter of a thread and only the starter the option of removing posts from that thread because they are "Off Topic".  The OP can help by stating right at the start what they consider "Off Topic".  The person who posted the "Off Topic" post can be given the option of staring a new thread.

Just a few thoughts with the intent of making Audiogon More Friendly Again!


Most times I am especially pissed, deeply pissed, if i had bothered to post in the given thread.

Sometimes it takes a few hours of my time to put together a decent, well reasoned response to something I perceive to be off balance, or whatnot..and then the post is removed and/or the thread is removed.

If removing a post, have the human decency to send the offending post to the person who had their post removed. Yes, there are audio forums which do exactly that.

Or, as stated LEAVE THE (given locked) THREAD and don’t delete it. It’s a deeply offensive version of cancel culture and it probably angers most people here, the people who bother to post and share/debate in the given threads.

Talk about shooting your own forum in the ass.....

The sad thing is, when this site had it's update with all the new features, old deleted threads were still accessible for those who participated in them. I found that out and  was pleasantly surprised to see that. 

All one had to do was go to their own posts (under their name) and click on it and the entire thread came up. I used that feature to my advantage when some jerks were acting up and I referenced some items from the deleted post to set things straight. Nothing like being able to quote and reference stupid posts and the timelines involved. 

My only mistake was mentioning it and it wasn't long before deleted threads were again, off limits. I really wish that that feature was still available as it would go a long way towards keeping the peace. Too many here seem to rely on a censored past.

All the best,

I don’t see anything wrong with the present system, it is a free forum, leave it be. If I remove my post within a thread it is no one’s business but mine why I deleted it. I do not owe anyone an explanation. 

Don’t go political. it’s not a political discussion.

As for change or the asking of it. Demanding a given status quo remain/exist is just as violent as asking for change. There is litterally no difference in one position or the other when it comes to the idea of argument. change vs no change is just a set of bookends and one does not necessarily outweigh the other... That...push and pull or even locking down, will always be part of an argument or discussion. It can't possibly be any other way  - it has no political orientation.

As for deleting a post on your own, sure go ahead. no problemo, here. it’s when moderation removes a post, with out sending it back to the person who might have put considerable effort into putting together a quality argument.


My post wasn’t really political, but I changed it so there would be no other complaints. 

yeah, ok, no problem.

but I spent time making my pretty little bit of words and I want to leave them now, so I can bask in my own glory. So I will. :P

Anyone got any sun tan lotion and sunglasses? It's really bright out here...

Post removed 
Post removed 

If we don’t the reason for the post/topic deletion, how are we suppose to learn?

All i know is that it is getting hot out there, re the depth and width of division.

And I'm afraid we're likely as far from reconciliation as we can be, aka, the long dark tea time of the soul is very much in session.

i just posted a reply a few minutes ago and my reply was removed and i got a email saying :



Content may be removed for one or more of these reasons:

  • It looked like spam
  • It was abusive towards another member
  • It depicts explicit and/or violent content
  • It contains profanity


Which had none of thee above.


its a shame as this USED to be a really good site years ago, but no so much anymore.             

My suggestion is that Christopher Walken moderate the forums and instead of the offending posts being removed they would remain with digital lines drawn through the words.

Chris would then attach a short video (to the post) with him explaining why the post wasn't up to snuff.

Being that he's an interesting guy - he might just go for it.

Of course - I'm open to other suggestions as well.



"when some jerks were acting up ... I referenced some items ... to set things straight. 😄


+100 for the Christopher Walken suggestion. I will donate to make that happen.

Recently a thread was deleted, because of which I don't recall the offending  member, but in which another popular member here contributed some lengthy well thoughtful and valueful (as usual) additions, with much time spent the doing. Some good posts are foresaken because of an ignoramus. Disclaimer: some of my friends are ignoramus' so this is not intended as any form of hate speech

There shouldb3 No censorship.

even when myself and others buy a ad I can’t even add a link, my telephone or email address why should we be censored whst is ths Twitter ,or Facebook ?

I recommend against that, because if it happens, @onhwy61 will lose his nose obviously first.

I still consider buy site to have freedom post. Instead when someone push delete post it delete that user.

Wife sister like me to buy site and set up dating component so lonely girl find nice pure audiophile with good ear.

Way to start a thread that is destined for removal and look at all those wasted keystrokes.

Hmm, I was thinking this is audio; not world peace or world hunger.  A hobby unless you're a dealer.

If its self-validation that's essential, I'm not sure this site can help.  Spirited discussion on the merits of product or approach; why not?  Otherwise, we get what we pay for (it's free).  Peace, love and rock & roll.


That's assured, but I would like to think that he/she/they keep a "diary" of the deleted posts that really made their day.



People make mistakes and should be allowed to delete their own posts

within say the 1st 2-3 days.

I keep on hearing Audiogon used to be a very good site.  The current moderator may be a despot?  I posted this below, got removed.  It was not spam, abusive, explicit, nor does it contain profanity.  Could not figure it out.  Can't even freaking ask a question anymore.




There are certain hot buttons with the moderators. For instance, if you are on the wrong side of discussions about certain preventive medical procedures. 

Ignorance is bliss. I have no idea how/when/why/by whom posts or threads are removed, or can be removed. Only that they sometimes are removed, thereby nullifying whatever value they may have had. Spam, okay, in an abundance of caution. But abuse, violence, profanity are all subjective. Ever hear debate in the House of Commons? Extreme abuse, but redeemed by wit. (Wit is the savior of valuable expression against humorless censors, as in the case of "Bigger, Longer, and Uncut"). Violence? Has anyone seen crosshairs superimposed on a member's name or image? Not I. Profanity? Puh-leeze. Whatever isn't "sacred" is by definition "profane" (secular). Is Agon supposed to be a church or something? If so, I missed the warning.

We, could, get… William, Shatner to, explain why, the various threads, or, posts, get removed! 

I say leave all posts up. I look at the daily recap each morning and never get to see the deleted posts. They are just words. Aren’t most people on here adults ? 

The longest threads invariably are the ones that are the most contentious. If we all agreed there wouldn't be the need of a FORUM right?

Their sandbox, their rules. If you invite me over for supper and I insult your cooking you are not inviting me back. Not censorship. False equivalency. 

Not censorship, true. But then neither is it a forum when the rules of participation are kept secret and then enforced without explanation by arbitrary whim.


If you take your mouse or finger and go to the lower right hand corner of someone's post you will see:  🏁 Report this.

This gets the moderators attention, however only gets seen if a contributor uses it, so more likely than not a contributor or a number of contributors start the post removal ball rolling.

Not censorship, true. But then neither is it a forum when the rules of participation are kept secret and then enforced without explanation by arbitrary whim.

Those who complain about the moderators here are almost invariably those with the least to contribute. The rules of this forum are clearly explained, and you’ll find them in plain English here and here.

Here’s part of the guidance you seem to not understand:

Act professionally and use common sense
Audiogon is a business site; all members are responsible for maintaining a professional and cordial demeanor on and off the site including our forums.

I agree with dekay’s diary theory. A "trash pile" catagory where deleted posts reside((in date, closed thread) could be implemented for infamy. Spotlighted offensive posters COULD NOT have their comment removed. That may teach them to think twice before posting.


"I recommend against that, because if it happens, @onhwy61 will lose his nose obviously first."


61 has been here since when I first started posting (the year 2000) and the "A'Gon start dates" linked to many of our monikers are inaccurate (something to do with a system overhaul years ago).

Always enjoyed 61's input and from memory he seems to be more even keeled than many, many, many, many, many here (defintely including myself).

However, if the OP were to be granted "power" over their thread(s), as 61 suggested, I assume that 50-75% of my posts would not make the grade.


this is a BIG NO to me (plus it would enable the misinformation/shill posters). 

I made a suggestion/solution in regard to the OP's query, as have others.

What has been your contribution to this thread, aside from attacking the OP?