A Suggestion for MF x-10v3 tube buffer users

I just received my MF Tube Buffer and have it between my preamp and mono amps.Figured this would be a good place since my Amps are a little on the bright side.Typical SS/Amps.Even though the bass registers were a tad weighty overall sound was suprising.The reviews I have read on it are pretty right on.
I'm sure the x-10v3 has to break in at least min 50hrs to really appreicate it.
BUT one suggestion I would like to make which I found out works great is to (Isolate) the unit up on bearings IE:Stillpoints,Aurios..etc,etc.I found out that tube's like to be up on isolaters.It did calm some of the Weighty sound.
I would like to hear input form other users of the Musical Fidelity x10-v3 Tube Buffer.
Is it worth getting the x-PSUv3 power supply??
I have listened to the unit with and without the PSU and the difference is pretty big. I would get the PSU if I were you.

Good Luck,

The PSU is a great addition to the buffer. I also got a power cord between the buffer and PSU from Revalation Audio. (http://www.revelationaudiolabs.com/cables-power/index.htm).
I am using the buffer in a different way. I have a 47 labs shigaraki dac & of course it has no active output or digital
filter on the dac chip but simply uses a resister network.
I wandered if the mf buffer would help prevent the dac from
being loaded down causing frequency abberations and also maybe
extend the bass a bit. But I worried that some of the analog-like transparency would be lost. Well so far it seems
mostly an improvement in linearity with a slightly more easy
presentation of highs such as soprano voice and the bass seems
less rolled off (into tube preamp-6sn7's). I do think there is a very slight loss of transparency which so far has not
bothered me. Someday I'll switch back & compare. I too wandered if the psu would be a good upgrade. I also wandered
if a diy pwr spply frm welbornelabs would be better for less?