"a stylish and affordable launch into the world of high-performance audio"

OK, is there such a thing as "too good to be true"?  They're definitely gorgeously beautifully looking and certainly at least as good looking as any "high-end" speakers!  But look at the price!  Only $374.00!!!  Can you have the cake and eat it too!  There has to be a catch!  Is there a devil lurking somewhere here!  I mean a high-end ScanSpeak woofer is already at least $370.00 in cost.  And that does not take into account a tweeter, and xover inductors, capacitors ... and so on.  And what do you tell people who paid $200K for a Wilson?

I own FS 52 :-) . Did you hear them with a subwoofer? 
A sub brings the quality way up!!
i have had them for years . Mostly home theater use.
@toddnkaya The system I heard them in didn't have a sub, but I have subs in all my audio systems and am sure those speakers would benefit from a sub (or two or three or four!).
I live in Middle Mass outside of Boston so I'm going to stick with my "normal" Mass gear as it sounds great, and as an experienced professional live sound production and recording technician, successful musician, and decades long audio geek with "golden ears," or actually flesh colored ears now that I think about it, I reject tweaks that I think are silly or esthetically repellant as well as any person claiming "you can't hear esoteric faith based audio enhancement because you're not sophisticated enough and your system is clearly mid-fi," as those claiming that sort of thing are simply insecure, pretentious, and generally creepy.