A star is born? .. JJ Tesla ECC 802S

Hello Guys,

I'm trying this JJ Tesla ECC 802S .. kinda sostitute of 12AU7 on my Lector ZOE preamp and I breaking in a pair matched & balanced I bought from Tubestore.
This is an interesting tube! .. It sounds warm and polite without any glare and without the typical glassy highs of new tubes (China & Russian present production).. it releases a very good soundstage deep .. tall .. wide .. like a good ECC82 NOS.
It reaches the podium for mids .. very natural and smooth
I think it's a good solution without to spend lotsa money searching for NOS.

Anyone has already tried this ECC 802S?
Indeed, I just fitted one (a balanced version with gold pins) in my Unison Research Unico P amp (which uses both channels ofd the double triode). Sounds wonderfull, better detail, transparent and none too ruby. Fitted before was a JAN Philips ECG 5841A. Not to bad either.