A speaker so loud it can kill you

CNN reporting on a speaker so loud it could kill you!

CNN|Added on February 10, 2014 Sound waves from the ESA's Large European Acoustic Facility reach levels so high, they could shake your brain loose.

I was in the JBL factory test room for woofers in Van Nuys,Ca. and the volume was so loud you had both ear plugs and over ear protection. You could only stay in the room for a limited time as it was not considered safe. The room was used to test multiple drivers for reliability not sound quality. I was told that samples from the production line were picked at random for this test. It was beyond description.
I was at a Rage Against the Machine concert at the Universal Ampitheater and the whole place was shaking from the music and the crowd in the most unsettling manner. On top of that, the bass was so loud that I swear my hearbeat started to change and keep pace with the music. Also unsettlling.

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I was listening to the Cranberries on my car stereo and I nearly died…….
Statesboro Blues at 150 db !!!
Last weekend the ceiling in a nightclub collapsed because the DJ's music was too loud.
There are trucks with those cursed back up beepers louder than a sonic weapon outside my office.
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Too funny! Thanks. I needed a chuckle.
The size, shape and conditions of the room can be a huge factor. The most earsplitting thing I ever heard was a show by the 13th Floor Elevators at the Safari Club in Baytown, Texas ca. 1968. I know that PA system could not have been so very big and powerful, but man, did it pack a punch.

If that shook my brain loose it would explain some things that have happened in subsequent years.
Rock has made ear surgeons multi-millionares on a 20 hour week month schedule (no joke).
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my kind of speaker! If it is too loud, you are too old.
There are some speakers I would rather die than own. ;)

Well, maybe that's exaggeration.
Euthanasia for audiophiles.
Go to a car audio show and experience bone crushing volumes...
Yeah just don't drive with loud music if you are black and live (if you call that living ) in Florida..
My speakers are so loud they could get me killed! By the neighbor!
Nonoise's story brought back to me my experience back in 1978 or so, when Deep Purple cracked the ceiling of the Norfolk Scope, an all poured concrete structure. It was so loud I made earplugs out of wads of toilet paper, I was only 16, so that says something. 135db according to what I read about it afterwards, they and Kiss and others were in a competition to be the loudest band in the world, but a few instances like that created a law that no concert is to be over 110db in America. But 110db is still Very loud! And who is really policing that law anyway?
Loudest ever was the giant steel and concrete horn used by NASA to (I guess) simulate what effects the sound of a huge rocket (like the Saturn V) would have on the surrounding area.

It was made at the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, AL.

The max output SPL was a lethal 210 decibels.

From the Guiness Book of Records:

"The loudest noise created in a laboratory is 210 db or 400,000 acoustic watts reported by NASA from a 48 ft steel and concrete horn at Huntsville, Alabama in October 1965."
Joeylawn36111... The above NASA experiment is yet again another fine example of our tax dollars being well spent.