A source for maple blocks

Some time ago a woman advertised maple blocks - 3" x 18" x 16" (I think)- for a very reasonable price but I havent seen her ad in a while. Anybody got a source for these at a price that wont take your breath away?
It was Dawn from Dawn's Platforms. I have bought several
from her. I haven't seen any of her ads recently.


I have also bought a few from Overstock.com. Really, really
nice and pretty cheap.
Check out Timbernation too.
Bed bath and beyond and Menards have really nice maple slabs and butcher blocks.
Had Maple SYMPOSIUM is much better better bass,deeper midrange,better stage and quieter .
Hey Ebm...would your reply be clearer with an exclamation mark (or several) between Maple & SYMPOSIUM? Had Maple!!! SYMPOSIUM is much better....

Is that what you are saying?

Either way, what's SYMPOSIUM?
Am I supposed to gather maple butcher blocks at Home Depot or wherever have fallen out of favor?
Symposium Acoustics Isolation stands check the web site.Im sure you will get maples as its very cheap.
Ebm, that was almost a complete sentence. :-)