A sound between the Blue Point Special & Virtuoso

I have tried a bps and found it a bit "thin" or "bright." I bought a Clearaudio Virtuoso Wood and find it horribly "muffled," as if it had a serious congestion due to a cold. Will someone recommend a cartridge $1000 or below that has a sound somewhere between "bright" and "congested?" I am thinking of a Shelter 501 or perhaps a ZYX 100? Thanks for any help that may pe posted.
hey, am having the same problem with BPS. Let me know how that Shelter compares once you do.
If you get a Shelter 501, you won't be thinking about any other cartridges, I can tell you that. If there is a cartridge under $1k that can beat it, I don't know about it. The Shelter 501 does everything right. It's just too good to believe, for under $1k. With one of those, your cartridge worries will be long forgotten.
Hi Yohjo,Buster66,
I have a shelter 501 and to me it sounds better than my old Vandenhull Frog.
Here is a cool site you will like. Discussed are the best cartridges, including the 501,901,ZYX.


Be sure to check out this whole site especially reviewing the reviewers.
Thanks guys. I first saw the 501 at the high-end audio site and I think the 501 will be the choice.