A singer you might enjoy, Valerie Carter

Valerie had some modest success, but was mainly a backup singer for James Taylor and Jackson Browne.  "Wild Child" is my favorite CD of hers.  She died too young and was better than her success.  I was lucky enough to have two of my best friends that also enjoyed her music.  Not to be a downer, but I am at the age where most of my friends have died....a natural part of life, but a bitch none the less. 


I had a friend back in college (in the late-1970s) who was quite the fan. He played "Just a Stone's Throw Away" and "Wild Child" for me, and I remember really enjoying them. Thanks for the reminder -- I'll give her a listen again after all these years.
-- Howard

Winwood had a song "Valerie" and Jackson Browne had "That Girl Could Sing" both are said to be about her....but I cannot verify that. In her heyday besides singing she was seriously pretty.