A sexy new amp...Channel Island

Has anyone had a chance to listen to the new Channel Island Mono block amps. I admit that I am seduced by the channel island design simplicity, and was hoping that this straight forward approach had somehow produced a sound quality that was clean and powerful. The reviews have been encouraging, but with a great deal of options available to choose from in the $1500 range, the competition is stiff. For example how would these separates compare to Rotel or Musical Fidelity integrals or separates for that matter.
And the price is right...
I haven't heard them. Sexy? Gee, I kinda like the simple styling too, and I mean no harm, but (and I know this is the kiss of death) I'd describe them as cute.
uggg, you are right, the kiss of death. It is just that so few designers follow a minimalist design strategy.Perhaps i should have phrased the question as: what is the most minimalist amp / components out there?
You know, I really like the way Channel Island, 47 Labs and Scott Nixon stuff looks. Someday I'd like to build a system consisting of these cute little honeys all on one long elegant hardwood shelf. Kind of a parade of little, metal, hottie, spinners.
Support minimalism - it's the least you can do.
After having received the Final Music 5 Preamp and Music 6 amp, with their own battery driven power supplies...I will say, I am taken with this "minimalist" circuitry philosophy, but the looks....the looks of these pieces!
PS: Will never even go back to useless knobs and absolutely useless weight of other, more oh, so complex pieces. Also have the 47 Labs Shigaraki Integrated as my other ace.