A serious blow to Canadian audiophiles, must read


I love the third paragraph. Sorry to see that the Canadian court's decision has destroyed the patriotism of our north of the border friends. Hopefully the Candian audio industry can weather this setback!
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Thanks everyone for your interesting posts. Although I do not endulge in the use of illicit substances, I am certainly not prepared to condemn those who might chose to do so in a responsible manner. I understand the sentiment to legalise marijuana to relieve the burden on the courts, remove the criminal element from its' production and distribution and perhaps become a source of funding for the government. However, there is abundant evidence to suggest the young persons who use cannabis are far more likely to use more dangerous drugs. Additionally, smoking cannabis regularly has been shown quite convincingly to result in high rates of lung cancer and chronic cognitive problems.
Thsalmon, could you please provide references to these studies that have "shown quite convincingly to result in high rates of lung cancer and chronic cognitive problems"?
I believe you are mistaken.
I do not reside in the Dominion of Canada and do not follow its politics day to day. Does Canada still subsidize audio r and d or is it only the speaker lab?

PSB,Paradigm,Magnum Dynalab,Simm, Morrison and others I've obviously missed put out fine products. If audio is still supported,will the supports end anytime soon?
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Let me know if you need any other references, asdf@