A serial number has been assigned and I'm next in rotation for a build. Decware ZP3

I've been posting tidbits about my recent purchases. I'm going to get back into RtR more, and add some goodies to a vinyl project I been planning for 5-6 years. The digital side at my place need a little tweak but I can hold out for 2 monhts or so. I've been waiting over 4 months now.. 

The two units I'll be using are Thoren TD 124s and 121 (maybe). 9 and 12" SMEs. The 12" will be MM the 9" MC.

I have Shure V15 II or III. and a Ortofon MM. It is old but it is a great cart. My platters are magnetic, BUT I use an isolation platter to quale a lot of the problem. 

The Preamp has a tape option, that's not the issue, the Carts are.. 

I have no real plans to use a SUT. I have a hand made MC cart that has a .45 OP and a Denon 110 with .5 output
Are there any other high output MC carts that people don't have to use a SUT with.. 

The ZP3 is at 49db of gain.. pretty standard, (I'm guessing). Decware recommends a Ortofon Black MM

To me that is an expensive cart.. I have NO problem spending the money thus far. No need for me to cheap out NOW..

1-2K for a cart or a cart system that works on the lines of the recommended Ortofon. MM or MC. 

Ideas? anyone using a ZP3. I'm about 2 months out.. I want to be ready.. Sorta Kinda..

The covid thing and some silly health issues slowed me to halt last year. This is the year of the "Stereo". :-)

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According to Decware gain is 42db unless you went with a custom gain for it
Good to hear. Thought you bailed on account of the long wait. Glad to see you did not. The ZP3 looks to be an enchanter among phono stages. Also it is nice you are not one to go around removing their threads, so we can post comments assured of people actually being able to read them. Sorry, but we have this problem....  

Anyway, the only cart I can personally recommend is my Koetsu Black Goldline, fabulous cart and medium output but probably not enough without the SUT and anyway, too much money. So I would go with the recommended Ortofon Black. That is not a lot of money for a cartridge. Loosen up. Live a little. 😉
Thanks gochurchgo, I new I was close :-)

I'll go to 2K I have no problem with that for a good cart.. There is a point my brain WILL not wrap around it, MC.. LOL it's me... I'm tight, I confess, but I'm no Daisy.. a Huckleberry maybe...

It’s good to be tight. You know it’s like the walrus and Tupperware, both like a tight seal. The Koetsu Black Goldline is a fabulous cartridge. Does everything right, beautifully balanced, decent output too. But I am loathe to pay $2500. So I hunted around and it took a while but I found mine brand new factory sealed recent production $1200. Tight! Tight! Tight!  

The other ones I would look at are Soundsmith. Otello, or even better Carmen https://www.sound-smith.com/cartridges/fixed-coil/carmen-mk-ii High output (2.12mV) and read the description and the reviews. Perfect for your ZP3!
I have been looking at the Carmen. MI is a good sound I have a phono section here NOW actually set up for that. It's a Mac/Ear stage. I actually forgot I had it.. I had 3 in a packing crate. Mx110z, C11 and C20 I had forgotten about..

That STUFF would fund some new STUFF.  Maybe I should do a personal "fund me".  If I sold 1/2 the stuff I don't use..
There's  an idea...