A sensible CD transport?

After auditioning the Rega DAC and comparing it the W4S DAC2 I ordered the Rega for my system. My poor little transport is an Oppo DV-981HD and I know something better should probably be used.
I already have a Mac Mini on the way. So what's a smart buy on a transport for CD's? I've heard that the Rega Apollo is a fine choice, but the top loading is an issue for my setup.

Ideas on a CD transport comparable to the Apollo? Thanks.

For a little more then the Rega Apollo, if you want a transport only, Bel Canto just released their CD3t transport. Very nice unit!

***** Rega and Bel Canto dealer disclaimer *****
Saw the Bel Canto at the TAVES show in Toronto--looked like a nice piece.

What is the price, around a grand?
If you are moving to a server-based system with the Mac Mini, you might not want to spend much (or any) on a traditional CD transport. Use the Mini (if it's a 2011, then get an external drive for it) and play back through that, using one of the inexpensive playback engines such as BitPerfect or Audirvana. I'd stick with the Oppo myself.
The Bel Canto CD3t is priced at $1495.

Agree with Drubin, the Mac Mini is a transport. It has toslink and usb outputs and your Rega has those inputs. You can rip and store your CDs to whatever drive you choose. You can also try downloading some of the higher resolution formats that your Rega can play.

Transports are history, move all the way into 2011.

I am 76 and too old to change. Have enough trouble with computers as it is.
Old thread, however Cambridge Audio make a budget ($500) transport that I understand is somewhat discounted. If looking for a transport I would consider one.