A search for great cables for electrostatics

Since it is so difficult to lesson to the various cables available to us or not because only a few cables are sold by our local retailers. This forum grants all of us a chance to benifit from the experiences of others. So those who have found cables and interconnects to their liking please share your experiences.
Blue Circle BC92 speaker cables and BC95 interconnects. Gilbert Yeung of Blue Circle used his Martin Logan's to design and demo these cables.
Loved XLO 5. XLO 5.1 even better. Incredible mids. Hope this helps.
Using Tara Decades with my Acoustat 2+2s. Very happy with them. Don
When I became a Sound Lab dealer, I went on a quest to find cabling that would give me the best possible demo. I eventually chose Magnan Signature cables. That ultrawide, ultraflat geometry has two distinct advantages for driving electrostats:

First, there is virtually no series inductance. Since electrostats tend do have a very low impedance at high frequencies, they are susceptible to having the very top end rolled off by series inductance. Even if the rolloff occurs above the audible range, we all learned from CD's that we can readily hear the loss of air from rolloff above the audible range.

Second, that wide flat geometry minimizes time smear from the skin effect, so the precise timing of the complex wavefrom is preserved. This is especially important with electrostats because a) they are coherent enough that it makes a difference (not always the case with cones and domes), and b) when time smear is eliminated dynamics subjectively improve, and if there's on area electrostats typically need a little help it's with dynamic impact and contrast. I've had customers tell me their amps play louder with the Magnan speaker cables. I think what they're hearing is the improved dynamics from the ultracoherence of the Magnans.

The Magnan cables tend to be a bit on the warm side.

In all fairness, let me point out that the geometrically similar Goertz cable also works well (especially the AG-2), but I personally prefer the Magnan. The Magnan is to the best of my knowledge the ultimate expression of the wide, thin geometry.

The next step up is the Nordost Valhalla. Going down in price from the Magnans, the Analysis Plus (which also addresses skin effect and series resistance) works quite well.
I would tend to agree with Duke's basic points. Low inductance cables here are a necessity for best results. I am using Goertz MI-2's with my E-stat's and it seems to be a good match. I would not doubt that the Magnan's work well, as i also like and own several different sets of David's interconnects. There is one point that i would beg to differ with Duke's recommendations / comments though. As most of you know, my experience with the Analysis Oval 9's was far from stellar or recommendable. Like anything else though, i would recommend trying them for yourself and see what you think. Sean
I use the Alpha Core Goertz 7 gauge copper with my Odysseys - I have tried many kinds but these seem to make their way back in the system no matter what.
Has anyone heard the Innersound cables?
Based on this series of posts, and a few other references, I bought the Goertz MI-2 bi-wires for my ML Odysseys. Seems like a great match. I was a bit worried by the capacitance of these cables, but they seem not to be an issue with my Pass X250 amp, even without the supplied zobel networks. Very clean, no hardness, less sibilence than the cables I had before. I haven't believed the cable hype (I only really changed since I wanted a biwire cable and my previous one wasn't), but I'm a believer now. These are keepers.
Yeah Bama, I like the MI-2's myself, not with electrostats but with Thiels - a great match for my system...you a bama fan?
I have used the Argento VDM cables for esl-63's with very good results. check it out on www.argento.dk
Bradz, I've heard the Innersound cables (both speaker and ic} with the Innersound amp on Quad 63s. They are an excellent match with this amp with good highs, plenty of slamm in the bottom and a dynamic and coherent midrange. Best of all, they are reasonably priced. They've smoothed out this amp perfectly, which according to some (our ASA) can sound rather rough.
Detlof, how would you compare the Innersound speaker cables to the Magnan and others?
Ivanj, I've only tried them in the above combination and am not suficiently familiar with the Magnans. Found them vastly superior to the NORDOST SPM though, which surprisingly sounded very rough with bloated bass with the InnerSound amp, whereas they were excellent with Gryphon Reference mono amps on the ESLs throughout the entire musical spectrum. Go figure......
I admit that I am importing HMS cables, so I can be a bit biased. But I run a full set of HMS Grand Finale cables in my personal system (ML Prodigy speakers and Wolcott amps, with a Wytech tube pre amp) and although I sell these cables, I will any time confirm that these cables will easily compete with the Valhalla and Transparent XL for a fraction of the price.
Why do I say this? Because my customers have said so and sold their Transparent XL, Valhalla in favor of HMS.
Since I offer a no risk audition, I will back up my claims any time and the customer can decide in the leisure of his home, with his system, how good these cables really are and if they are really worth to compete with the best for less.
Tekunda, this thread is about cables for ESLs, which as far as I know, the speakers you mention are NOT.
Detlof, I've been wondering on how to smooth out the Innersound amp. I'm currently using AP Oval 9's biwired and Coincident cst ic's. Do you think the Innersound cable's should do the trick or even a different pc instead of the factory pc? I'm not really sure what would be the best solution. Thanks.
I own ML Requests and Krell electronics. As many know this is hard to get right in the highs and cables are critical. I finally settled on the Pure Note brand. They are the smoothest (and most revealing) cables I have yet to hear. The XLR's are on sale now for $400/m (posted in Audiogon). I do not think you will find a better cable at this price or for many times this price.
1.I have found Nordost Superflatline in short lengths to be a real bargain with electrostats of all brands. I find many cables have an artificial presence hump in the lower midrange that add a syrupy or chesty quality to baritone voices. The Nordost do not have this difficiency. (From what I remember, this phenomenon can be heard on minmonitors also.) Just turn to an announcer on a good FM station and you can see what I mean...Comments?
2. Are the Magnans cables (speaker and interconnect) high in capacitance?
Bradz, I have not really experimented very much with the Innersound amp, (I have the Esl monos ) because I was very happy with them right out of the box with Sanders' speaker cables AND his balanced ICs. I can assure you, that in that combination, they sound well balanced, coherent and in no way rough or grainy on the Quad 63s. Sanders advised me very strongly not to use an aftermarket pc. So far I have seen no reason to do so, even though contrary to his opinion, I've seen that they often DO make a difference. So Bradz, yes , for me the Innersound wires have done the trick to tame that beast. Cheers,
Tekunda , apologies, I must have been out of my mind! The Prodigy is a stator and a very good one at that. Please forgive. Detlof
Detlof, no offence taken, I am also aware that I am dancing here in on a thin rope, since I sell HMS cables now, but came to know HMS cables before I was a dealer. I fully understand that this is not a forum for dealers to push their cables, but on the other hand I did not come to sell HMS cables because I was looking for another business since I needed money. I came to know HMS because I did an extensive shout-out of many top cables and wanted to find a cable with similar performance as the Valhalla for less money and when I found it in HMS, I was quite excited. So on one side I want to tell people to give these cables a chance, since I believe that they will not be disappointed, on the other hand I know that it looks now I am just in it for the money.
All I can say is that I had the funds to buy Valhalla, or even Siltech G5 cables and knew that I could not do with less performance in my system, after I had auditioned the Valhalla. It is tough to go back once you heard such a superb cable. And had I not found the HMS with similar performance, but for far less money, I would be the proud owner of Valhalla cables today. Although I admit I make money selling the HMS cables (but never forget that I invest many hours of my life to run this little business also) I am also driven by the fact that I want to spread the “good news” to the audiophile community, that with the HMS there is finally alternative on the market, for the regular income audiophile, to come closer to one of the best cables in the world.
But of course I am completely aware that this may sound a bit hypocritical and many people will accuse me that all I care is the profit. Well, I tried to explain the real motives behind me selling HMS and all I can say is that the proof is in the pudding. I have a no risk audition program, so anybody can put the HMS cables to the test and see if my claims are true or not.
I'm very happy with Silver Lace interconnects and speaker cable for my Acoustat 1+1's. Very open, clean and clear, no grain, and not bright as some claim with pure silver cables. Great prices, too!
Try the Stage 3 concepts silver wire with electrostats, I think you will be more than impressed.

Good Luck,