A. S. Optimism v2 vs H.T. Cyberlight Digital


I'm using (cheap Krell) fiberglass connection between my Metronome transport and DAC and was thinking of upgrading to AS Optimism. Did anyone compare this cable with the newly HT Cyberlight Digital (rca or xlr)?


Hi Renaat,

You are comparing two different animals. Even though the HT uses glass optical cable, it is not really a glass digital interconnect like the AS. It creates two additional (optical) interfaces, just so you can maybe avoid some RFI? Might as well just buy a really high quality coax or AES/EBU cable and be done with it.

On the other hand, the AS (which I just got for my Wadia stuff) is a true AT&T-ST type cable for digital data transmission, and is worth every penny of its cost! The most amazing digital sonics I've ever heard! Will outperform any other digital interconnect, optical or electrical!
Hi Nsgarch,

Thanks for your reply. I mailed you and will be ordering the AS Optimism via Fatwyre. Are these cables only available in 2 meter version? If so, is there a special reason to it?

Renaat Mattheus