A rookie with 10K, seeking advise

I'm new to the HiFi world. I listen to a lot of female vocal and classical music. I like both digital and vinyl. I am using a pair of Wharfedale Linton heritage and PS Audio Stellar Strata. 

I know this is too broad a question, but with 10K budget, where can I wisely spend my money? I don't mind tubes and I don't mind used either.

Any advise is greatly appreciated!



You have a decent UK speaker, 10K is enough for your system to play classical music well, as long as you use your budget efficiently.
First, you can try the Energy-Pump power cable on your amp, it's free if you don't think it will help your current system. In the days to come, I will use my decades of audio experience to guide you on how to gradually upgrade your system within your budget.


I loved the looks (from the pictures) and it seemed like a good combination for my needs. I was warned by the dealer that they are not audiophile speakers. But I didn't listen. I was a rookie. Still am.

But It was better than some, like the LSAs

They may be good for pop/rock with the right amp 

  1. Direct power from breaker to amplification
  2. Some effective room treatment that  removes 70% of the problems
  3. Integrated amp (Parasound Hint 6)
  4. Speakers ( JBL 4309) and stands that allow for height adjustment
  5. Digital Source (Yamaha CD NT670)
  6. Analogue Source ( Technics TT with AT VM5xx Cartridge)
  7. A nice comfy chair (backrest not exceeding shoulder height)

(In brackets is what I have in my system)

  • 1 is the most important
  • 2,3 & 4 must match each other and the room according to your ears
  • Cables are Canare, speakers should be biwired

THe above should help


I have not read every post in this thread, but have you identified the areas of your present system that you feel need improvement?

Kindly allow me to share a recent, and very fortuitous learning experience. After many years of "going it alone" in my pursuit of better and more satisfying audio, with varying degrees of success and failure, and a not inconsiderable amount of wasted time and money, I found a wonderful audio dealer who is low-key, extremely knowledgable, sensitive to my preferences and needs, and who carries an assortment of fine components at various price levels. So far, based almost completely on his advice, I have purchased two major components from him, and each one has exceeded my expectations.

My point is, that on this and any other audio forum you will get endless suggestions from all sorts of people. Some suggestions may be accurate, some may be useful, some may be off the mark, some may be off-the-wall and hilarious. And some may be beyond worthless. (including mine of course). :)

And finally, I think that throwing $10K at  power "issues," real or imagined,  is a sure recipe for a morning- after headache of cosmic proportions, along with what might prove to be a terminal case of buyer’s remorse.  YIKES!

Good luck to you.

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