A Revolution???

Just "imagine" if they all had Lencos?

Check out the link: You Say You Want a Revolution (at 33 1/3)
Hi Oregon,
I hail from Whidbey Island, some ways north of you in Puget Sound. You say you want to start a revolution? Maybe I could borrow one of your Lencos to see if I might want to join in with you. (Just kidding). What other gear do you use to listen to all those beauties with?

Thanks, Dan
Please don't chop down mountains with the edge of your hand, making islands...

Beautiful area. I like Bellingham.
Joule heavens Gates
Thor pre/phono
Meridian CD
Killer Lenco! Dynavector 17 D III Rega 300
Virgo IIs
Nakamichi Cassette
Come over and enjoy the Lenco anytime.