a REMOTE idea?

I’ve been meaning to ask this for some time. Seen it asked before a couple years back but with no real answers.

Many of the better preamps and integrateds are designed without a remote volume control due to degradation of sonics… yada yada yada

does anyone know of a remote control device that’s commercially available or adaptable to be used separately from the component’s circuitry?
In other words, I’m thinking of a mechanical knob-turning device that can situate right next to the component’s volume control, clamp on or somehow install onto it with adjustments, whose sole function is simply to rotate the knob clockwise and counterclockwise via it’s own remote.

Alternatively, I don’t see why something can’t be installed internally, assuming there’s enough room.
The key here, I suppose, is to be completely separate circuit-wise as to not hinder the component’s sonic “purity.”

I did come across a post not long ago about someone using parts of a remote control toy car, and using the O-ring around the volume knob…
But I was thinking something a bit more refined. I’m also aware of Bent Audio, Welborne, and Placette products, but I’m after something different, more easily adaptable, and usable outside the box.

I gave it some thought and can picture several ideas, but…

Someone out there know of anything like this or have the brains and skills to build one?
I’m actually puzzled why something like this isn’t on the market… or is it?
Creek units are totally passive with nice volume controls. These really don't color the sound at all.
There are still 2 problems here: 1-You are adding a second pair of interconnects and a volume box which can add to noise. 2-The remotes on Creeks tend to be very simplistic and many other remote used to adversely affect my OBH-12
A CS3310 chip is around $10 - expensive compared to most things in a preamp but it does a pretty good job. A CS3318 is even better - so no need to worry about this issue on newer equipment (since 2000). Many high end HT preamps use this.

I would stay away from home made mechanical volume controls as you could so easily blow your speakers. The CS chips also allow programming of volume limits to each individual source and a volume reset on power up - all invaluable stuff for anyone who has blown a tweeter because the volume knob was in the wring place.
You can rig up a remote from a junk toy remote controlled car with a belt from voume knob to where the wheel turns, sure it will look silly in all likelyhood but it will work.
thanks for the input guys.
I'd like to stick with a purely external adaptable device after all.

Chadnliz, as crude as your suggestion sounds, I think it's at least a starting point for what I'd like to do.
Looks like I'll have some investigating to do.
Hey crude doesnt always mean foolish.......silly maybe, ugly ...probably, but functional for sure.