A reference lp for the modern age.

Why the Gods' of the press haven't latched on to this one, is a miracle.

Frazey Ford "Obadiah". A former member of The Be Good Tanyas, this is an absolute must have!

I'd love to hear from anyone out there that has heard a superior (sonically) or even musically, better lp than this in the last two years????

I think this one really slipped through the cracks. Get it before it is gone forever!
Thanks for recommendation. I just loaded it into my MOG
favorites. I'll listen to it later this evening.

I really like the Be Good Tanyas.
Thanks for the reminder -- I'd known about this record, but somehow didn't get around to getting it. Just ordered it now, though. I had the great good fortune of seeing the Be Good Tanyas around the time of their first record, "Blue Horse," and absolutely loved them.

I look forward to spinning Frazey Ford's platter.


-- Howard
Had it since it came out. I've turned many friends on to it.
Slaw...thanks again for the heads up on this album. I've listened to it twice through on MOG and really like it!

I found a fantastic deal on a sealed 2LP vinyl copy. It should be here in a few days.
What is the name of the Mark Knopfler/ Chet Atkins album?
The Mark Knopfler/Chet Atkins collaboration album is titled "Neck And Neck". It's excellent!
Thanks mofi!
Listened to the lofi sample on comuper off allmusic site.

Sounds like a female Canadian version of Al Green, or Otis Redding at first listen? Good company!