A recent thread about speaker/floor isolation

OMG!! I recently read a forum thread here dealing with speaker isolation from the floor. I had a pair of 1-3/4" maple blocks laying around unused so I thought I would place them under my Legacy Audio Focus 20/20's on carpet. I can not believe the difference. I am in awe! The sound stage is improved, the bass articulation is unbelievable the speakers are now showing me what they can really do. Everything from low end to treble is greatly improved. Whoever started that thread, thank you. I am now enjoying my system so much more.
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You’re welcome falconquest! So glad you gave it a try and are realizing the benefits of decoupling. Enjoy!

Enjoy I will! You hear lots of different ideas for improving sound here on the 'gon but I must say this one simple step made a huge difference and it didn't cost a penny. Wish I had known about this before. Thanks again.
Not sure I'd call it decoupling but what the heck!
falconquest ...

Congratulations on your excellent choice in speakers. The Legacy Focus' are one of my favorite speakers.

I use the Legacy Signature III's and had the same experience as you. I ordered two unfinished maple platforms from Mapleshade.


I spiked the platforms to the floor, then spiked the speakers to the platforms as well. Night and day and top to bottom improvement.  You can see them just by double clicking on my icon. 

By the way, the Legacy speakers love tube electronics. 

Very nice system oregon. I'm sure the Legacy's sound great with the ARC gear. I have spikes for mine but haven't figured out how I'm going to get them in place yet. I'm sure you understand the weight of these puppies so being able to lift them into place with the spikes will be a challenge. I would also like to have some platforms for the spikes to rest in so I don't tear up the maple blocks. I haven't quite figured all that out yet. While not complete decoupling, I thought I would experiment with the maple blocks just to start which was relatively easy. The spikes will be much more of a challenge.
As far as I see it, falcon quest decoupled and oregonpapa coupled.
I have found a similar effect, but I would not call it "decoupling", but coupling. I have B&W 803d's with 4 two inch brass footers mounted to the base of the speakers, which sit mounted on 3" thick maple butcher blocks 18" diameter. These are mounted off the carpet by an additional three 3" diameter brass footers. The overall impact of this system is quite impressive. Not sure how these work, but I believe the footers and maple butcher blocks serve to channel unwanted cabinet vibrations into the the floor. The overall effect is considerably better imaging and dynamics.
Sometimes you can achieve better sound anchoring speakers, coupled to as one with the floor. I find it can depend on not only the floor, but the speaker as well. Coupling can cause reverberation and unwanted coloration. In which case decoupling your speakers might be the better option. Even with a solid floor.

Ive gone so far as to get into the crawl space under the floor to reinforce it with 2x6s L brackets and a whole lot of porch screws. Sound quality vastly improved.

I had a sub that would very slowly but surely skate out of position and it was upwards of 100 lbs. As tiny as the movement was that can take away from the over all sound and impact. If your one to squeeze every bit of sound out of something then absolutely this topic is something to look into and experiment with it pays off and there are often free alternatives. I really like outriggers, especially on those speakers with narrow footprints. 
I also have a HSU sub woofer mounted on two stages of brass footers, with a maple butcher block in between. The sub does not move as all the brass footers have machined needle points either to the maple butcher block or through the carpet to the plywood subfloor.

BTW, a good site that explains how these brass footers and maple blocks work is Mapleshade audio.
I'm a big fan of "floating" the speakers. I had Eden Sound make me two Terrastone plinths for my B&Ws. The sound is far superior to coupling with spikes.
Another very effective measure is to have wall-to-wall carpeting in your listening room, preferably installed over resilient padding. Makes a tremendous difference acoustically. Just don't spill your red wine on it. Unless it's red-wine-colored, then you can do whatever you want.