A reasonable integrated w/ remote - possibly tube?

I've done extensive searching in the archives, but would love some "fresh" answers. I'm looking for a quality integrated with remote in the sub $2k range, preferrably around $1500. I'm thinking about my first foray into tubes, but since my listening tastes run from Oakenfold/Underworld/Techno to Brahms and classical, I'm a little leery about some of the traditional drawbacks of tubes, namely bass impact. Currently my system is a Naim 92R, 90/3, Flatcap, Planet 2000, and Mission 774s. It's nowhere near the best in soundstaging, but I love the rhythmic drive and pace provided by the Naim gear.

Plinius? Rogue Audio? Jolida? I would be very interested in any suggestions, hints, warnings, caveats, etc. A remote is strongly desired, but not absolutely necessary I suppose. Thanks for your time!
You didn't mention if you needed a "full-function" remote that not only adjusts volume and mute but can select various input sources. If you want a tube integrated with full-function remote your choices are limited but the Audio Research CA-50 comes to mind. They sell for about $1500 or a little more depending on condition. There are a couple listed for sale here on Audiogon.
I would also suggest you check out the Rogue Tempest Integrated. Great unit. There are some for sale on this site, including mine!
My first choice would be VTL IT-85.
Then if there is not enough power I would go for Rogue Tempest.
You can try hybrid Pathos(has MOSFETs in the output stage)
Check out the Pathos, Classic One. An incredibly good looking int. amp, may not be what you are looking for, but many people say an awful lot good about them rated at 50x2, tube and great build quality. Enjoy the hunt-Tim
Creek 5350SE.
Audio Refinement Complete (a baby YBA Integre). With remote brand new only $1100 MSRP. Comes close to tube sound with solid state. There are lots of reviews on this baby.
I recently aquired a Primare A20 MKII. ($1500 list)
I am suprised at just how good this unit is (70w dual mono, remote), this coming from a previous owner of a Plinius 8150i, Roksan Caspian, Bryston B60, Linn Majik, Belles 150a Hot Rod - you get mt drift. The audio mags would drool over this thing if they loved the ones I mentioned. Sound is warm but dynamic and very transparent with a sounstage to die for. Its quickness remind me of the Sim Audio stuff.
Best of luck!
If you want to go really cheap you just gotta take a listen to the Antique Sound lab MG-S115DT This thing is very musical and is really cheap. A buddy of mine bought one new for $599.00 And I tell you it is very enjoyable. Kinda makes you scratch your head when it comes to higher priced stuff.
Go Rogue Tempest.It allows you to plug a Rogue 88 thru it and bi amp easily
I'm very happy with a Bryston B-60. Solid state, of course, but great sound and built like all Bryston products -- to last forever. I bought mine used with remote and phono stage for around 1250, less than a year old, and at that price, it's a great piece.
I recently changed from a tube amp to an Audio Refinement Complete and I am reasonably satisfied. However, as good as the ARC sounds, it is not a tube amp. It does not have the bloomy, airy sound of good tubes. It is "good for solid state". I have found it somewhat sensitive to the cables used with it and was almost going to sell it until I stumbled onto a combination of i/c and speaker cables that "work". If you want to get an inexpensive tube amp suggest you check on Ebay for an AMC CVT3030 or AMC tube separates. I briefly tried an AMC tube amp and really liked the sound-better than many solid state amps. Unfortunately, it needed more ventilation than my cabinet would provide and I wanted to downsize my system and get out of separates.
Thanks for all of your input! I suppose it will now be a long, strenuous process to do some listening demos, and I'm sure I'll enjoy every minute. To abecollins above: I don't really need a fully functional remote, just volume and maybe mute would do. On another note, what about the Cary SLI-80 Integrated? Any thoughts on that puppy? I've got a Cary dealer literally right across the street...
Depends on what tubes you want to use too.A used piece which runs EL34's is going to give you mid magic like a CJ or a VTL and the Rogue can give you the KT88 slam and bass.Nice to be able to switch from inexpensive 6550's or choose the pricey 88's.Eveybody tells me that seperate amp or int get some old NOS which is a whole fifty threads of advise.The drivers will last longer and be way cheaper than the output tubes.One neophyte to another.Oh yeah I lucked out and foound a Mesa Baron $4K amp for $1250.Uses more utilitarian 6L6's but can switch in banks of thirds from pentode to triode i.e all triode with Sarah Vaughn,two thirds triode with Segovia and pentode with P-Funk.Think htere's one up for $2K right now.Dicker and buy! WILL NOT BE SORRY!!!!!