A reappearance of Black Diamond Racing?

I received an email from Music Direct a couple weeks ago offering the BDR shelves again. Anyone else notice this? I use them extensively in my system and actually use carbon fiber sheets in DIY projects. I'm a big fan of CF's usefulness in audio.
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I have an original shelf that I bought from the reviewer when PF was a magazine('97). I have a Source version that'll replace the plexiglass on my Oracle transport. 
@tabl10s ,

I'd love to hear your thoughts on The Shelf. Did it replace another well regarding shelf?

It replaced the Bright Star bladder thingie’s that would always catch on one side. Music was clearer if I remember correctly. I sold it to a friend who sold it back to me.

The "Source" has been drilled to accommodate my transport directly.
I just saw this thread, and coming a bit late to the game, thought I still had some things to share/add. 

First off, "Deej" was a friend, and I've been using BDR exclusively since '92. I did quite a bit of beta testing for him in the '90's trying lot's of one offs back then, some of which I'm still using, focused on solid state gear (Forsell) for him as he was deeply into tubes then. I started with cones and "Round Things" above and under cones, usually cones down, evolving into the use of "Jumbos" just a few months before Deej died. He called me the day he sent me my fist set of Jumbos to report they were on the way, wanted me to try/use under my Forsell transport, and said "enjoy and let me know what I think"...he also announced that day cancer, likely terminal. I had the chance to speak w/ him really only once after (the Jumbos are MAGIC in concert w/ Round Things and cones). He went very quickly, sadly. A great guy by all who knew him well. All I can say is that I'm still using tons of BDR under all my gear still. I'm still purchasing too. His cousin Dan (and wife, both great people BTW) took over the business, employing the same guys using the same build techniques and are building the same great products available today. There's really nothing like this equipment to get the most out of your gear. The one thing I must add though is that placement is critical, and the deeper one goes into BDR, the more this is the case. I use a combo of 3 sets of Round Things, attached to cones, down into Jumbos under all my components (minus table, w/ more testing pending). I can say that 1/32" in placement can make a big difference in effect and being on vs. off. I have notes on my current system for placement that go back to 2001 (new home/listening room then), and these notes are my "insurance policy" against an accidental bump while dusting. 

Hope this helps others out there on the status of BDR.

@kbuss thanks for update
so sorry for your loss of a friend