A reappearance of Black Diamond Racing?

I received an email from Music Direct a couple weeks ago offering the BDR shelves again. Anyone else notice this? I use them extensively in my system and actually use carbon fiber sheets in DIY projects. I'm a big fan of CF's usefulness in audio.
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"Good things come to those who wait". 

That's happened to me before when out of the blue I decide to check the sale ads after not looking for long periods of time and boom!, there it is. Glad you got a deal.
I just ordered some custom sized shelves for my wall mount project. According to Music Direct, this is the same company D J Casser started.
I have an original shelf that I bought from the reviewer when PF was a magazine('97). I have a Source version that'll replace the plexiglass on my Oracle transport. 
@tabl10s ,

I'd love to hear your thoughts on The Shelf. Did it replace another well regarding shelf?

It replaced the Bright Star bladder thingie’s that would always catch on one side. Music was clearer if I remember correctly. I sold it to a friend who sold it back to me.

The "Source" has been drilled to accommodate my transport directly.