A real "wake up call" available to most....High End Audio vs. Mainstream......

Obviously you are familiar with AudiogoN and, likely, have a decent system.  I have known this, but a great visual on what most people use for sound reproduction is a Craigslist in you area.  If you have one or more market Craigslist available,  check out what is for sale for "sound reproduction" on those sites.   I thought I knew how bad it was, but it was beyond my imagination.  But I guess that is the way it is with many things Americans buy to make noise, drive or eat at.  Locally it is all under "electronics".  ebay is somewhat better, but still a great deal more items you would not want vs.  those you would. 

In music, electronics, cars and so much more....."the road less traveled" is the best path.  The poem is actually "the road not taken". 


Thanks to AudiogoN and its members for existing.  


outdoor listening in the fall on the deck... sounds just wonderful (pun intended) :)
mirolab - having your stereo in your office is not what I consider a listening room. I meant dedicated as in a separate room for audio (and probably a TV). Some would call it a man cave. Kind of like a demo room at an audio dealer, only with one system.

I don't have that - the room would be too small, so it's in the main room of the house (den) so I get to listen several hours a day. And my wife mainly puts up with it unless it is really loud.
Yes jjss49 it is. Also it is interesting to hear speakers outside without room boundaries.  Do need somewhat more power than that required for a listening room however.  
"the road less traveled" is the best path.
It is also a much more expensive path that few can travel.
Most people cannot afford a system such as the ones on this forum, or have the luxury of a dedicated listening room. Their priorities lie in mortgage or rent, basic necessities, and feeding their children. So they buy what they can, and are most likely happy with what they have.
I find the premise of this thread denigrating to those simply trying to make ends meet, and have neither the time nor resources to debate the efficacy of their recent $1000 ic or $3000 stylus, especially now with so many in economic turmoil. If Craigslist is such an affront to your audiophile senses, stay off it.

we are no doubt fortunate to have this as a hobby (and the means to do so, and to come on this forum to ’play’ and share)

it is indeed a difficult time for so many around us

i suspect the op is raising the craigslist issue in the sense of hifi vs mid fi gear... not a commentary on wealth or lack thereof -- clearly someone with less financial means can still have good sound on a tight budget, i find it very interesting to see youtube videos talking about true hifi system for $1000 or less...