A real "wake up call" available to most....High End Audio vs. Mainstream......

Obviously you are familiar with AudiogoN and, likely, have a decent system.  I have known this, but a great visual on what most people use for sound reproduction is a Craigslist in you area.  If you have one or more market Craigslist available,  check out what is for sale for "sound reproduction" on those sites.   I thought I knew how bad it was, but it was beyond my imagination.  But I guess that is the way it is with many things Americans buy to make noise, drive or eat at.  Locally it is all under "electronics".  ebay is somewhat better, but still a great deal more items you would not want vs.  those you would. 

In music, electronics, cars and so much more....."the road less traveled" is the best path.  The poem is actually "the road not taken". 


Thanks to AudiogoN and its members for existing.  

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The Road Less Traveled is a great poem. If you read it closely, it is about delusion

Speaking of, did you even read the OP?
The Road Less Traveled is a book by M. Scott Peck.  The poem is The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost.  Simply that high end audio is the road that audiophiles take and it is not taken by the mass of people that get their sound making machines at Wal-Mart rather than an audio dealer. 

But that is also the road not taken in many consumer choices that are in the minority.   And as in many things, the audiophile path is more costly than the boombox path.  As most know, a single location  McDonald's in most towns will do a great deal  more business today than the best restaurant in that town.....nothing wrong, but still a choice that freedom gives us.  Freedom of choice gives us the chance to choose what we want and the freedom to choose what we do not want. 

To bring full circle the freedom of choice is another delusion, the delusion is that we think we choose among many choices when the choices are few and the freedom limited. Our paths are set our universe determined. We travel a well worn road.