A real genius, one best kept secret??

Let me start by stating that I have no whatsoever association with any audiophile manufacturer and am simply a 10 year dedicated audiophile from İstanbul, Turkey.

I am writing these lines to state my awe about coincident products, my hats off to Israel Blume.

In my past 10 years searching and testing audiophile products I have not encountered any product that surpassed my expectations so much by Coincidents.

I am a regular follower of the audio press and the web content as well as audiogon. I encounter a lot of good reviews about many products, so much in fact that I really suspect the sincerity or the relevance of the reviews, I try to test many of them at the dealers or luckily at my home. However many come out to be real disappointments, and I wonder how the reviewer, who is undoubtly much more experienced than me, can comment like this. I really doubt.

The urge to write those that letters came up an half an hour before while making an a/b testing coincident trs speaker cable (1000 $) which I borrowed from my local dealer with my long time reference and the highly claimed nirvana sx (2200 $). Another borrow was again another famous suspect audience au 24. The Coincident slashed both of them only after a 5 minute review. And it was the only cable in the shoot out that was un burned!!

And the last drop came to be in the interconnect trial, again against nirvana and audience, the coincident cst was the clear winner.

No single parameter I can frankly mention that the Coincident was the second best.

I am curious and want to have sincere comments about Coincident brand since Coincident did that trick for me in the speakers as well.

I tried at least 15 speakers before and nothing came close Total Eclipses. You can refer to my past threads for my long journey.

Please comment.

You'd be interested in hearing his latest speakers, the Total Reference, I'm sure. As would I.



You bet I do. However I think it may not be very suitable for my 40 square meter listening area since it is quite big. I am leaning towards tv 2 in fact and may be upgrade my te2.

Best Regards,
Funny how he can make a hi-vi rt8 2 ribbon a 95db 1 watt driver, into a 97db 1 watt driver hhmmmmm. I use the hi-vi for 2 years now in a few of my loudspeaker designs its a wonderful transducer but only 95db 1 watt retail $230 pair.If you search my adds I have a 1st order loudspeaker with costly hovland caps, air core inductors,veneered birch ply cabinet 1 1/2in T. And a massive costly 12in fostex woofer.And only $1600 shipping inc!!! beats $22000 anyday.check out madisound.com for specs on hi-vi