A real Gem

The Puppini Sisters
Betcha Bottom Dollars

If you like good music check this disc out
a real enjoyable disc.
Recording 8 stars
Preformance 10 stars

I hope they do more recordings
let me know what you think ???
Recorded by Vere WWW.the puppinisisters.com
A little to tongue in cheek for me, but I guess if you're from the era or are really into WW II memorabilia and such ...

I can't help but think the three of them were once painted on the nose of a plane and they recently popped off, began singing, and didn't realize that 40 years had gone by.

I've had "Betcha Bottom Dollar" since it came out in 2007 and have loved it. The "Sisters" have a new release, "The Rise and Fall of Ruby Woo," but Topperstopper's wish for more recordings from this group is not fulfilled. "Rise" is as abominable a recording as "Betcha" is wonderful. The sound quality is so poor, it's painful to listen to -- so bad, in fact, I can't even judge the performance.