A rather funny survey from a research company ....

I think that it is for Bose...I can only assume it is some kind of wave radio thing. Anyhoo...I filled it out, because I have nothing better to do.

Just thought they'd be shocked by some of your answers.

Yea, interesting survey...I told them that any one box system after owning some of the equiptment I have would be "uncivilized" hahaha!
That was fun! I think I might spin a couple of heads with my answers.
That's what I thought! I thought it was hilarious how they pretty much figure that the alarmclock was a desireable function in a $500 dollar stereo. Good lord.
I listed all of my systems in detail *L* I told 'em I'd return the $500 system and buy a 3 foot interconnect with the cash
I was the 25th participant. I was honest. In college I majored in Procrastination.

haha,a 3 ft interconnect:)

This thing get's more hilarious every time I fill it out.
Looks like you guys killed 'em!!!!!

-Thank you for your interest, but our survey has ended!-
The couldn't handle the truth obvioulsy.
In one of my responses I said, "Anything but Bose", and I had no idea this was a Bose Wave survey. Hahhhhhh!!!!!!!