A "pop" masterpiece...

Notice I didn't include a ? in my title. That's because my recommendation is without question, the definition of a ...pop masterpiece. 10cc "Deceptive Bends". Awesome sonics, great WORK, no negatives. What a motivation for anyone reading this or anyone following this type of music!!!!!
I would also add How Dare You? to the list of 10cc top albums. And I guess then The Original Soundtrack also needs to be added to the list as well.
Nick Lowe's Labour of Lust.
Matthew Sweet - Girlfriend
Elvis Costello-"My Aim is True"
10cc's Bloody Tourist is great too. Alot going on in these songs.
"Heart Like A Wheel"
Linda Ronstadt
Brendan Benson, The Alternative to Love.
Almost everything by XTC
what's a 10cc??
10cc refers to how much baby batter is in the average male ejaculation.
Yes, Feel the Benefit is one of my all time favorites.
Looking for a high quality digital version.
The Smithereens "Especially For You"
While I havent really enjoyed them since, the debute from"The Counting Crows" is pretty amazing.
Paul Simon's "Graceland".
Big Star-Radio City
-#1 Record
-Third Sister Lovers
Talking Heads-Little Creatures
XTC- English Settlement