A quick thumbs up to Neng Kue at ZENTARA Cables

I've been a member here for eleven years but have been working on Audio related products myself and hadn't been able to participate much. This isn't a review but a humble response to a very excellent 1m pair of Reference interconnects I received late last year from Neng Kue at Zentara Cables. Aside from having incredible credentials; metallurgical, electrical degrees and working for leading edge companies Neng is a fantastically nice person and a pleasure to converse with. I've been using and loving the Audience Au24e interconnects for a couple of years now. But switching to the Reference Zentara brought a deeper emotional honesty and greater dynamic realism along with an increase in recorded venue acoustical space that is not subtle. The Au24e sounds very much held back in comparison. The Zentara Reference is much more clear and open and at the same time smoother, faster, and more relaxing. He is doing some very special things over there in Michigan. Obviously the new ends that make up the improved Au24e (SE) would be a must for current owners but I'm a very satisfied if not transformed discover of Neng's Superlative Reference cables...Thanks
As A friend and dealer of Zentara Cables, I also find Neng's approach to customer service second to none. His cables outperform products that retail for much more.
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