A question to you all........

...how many of you will be attending the NY Audio Show at the Hilton on April 28-May 1st? Wouldn't it be interesting if we (all attending) included our "loggin name" by our real name? So I may be enjoying a room and I may question a visitor next to me and find out it is "sean" (or someone else?) who I have had some contact in the past?? Interesting?
ALSO...does anyone know if "SoundLabs" speakers will be there via manufacturer or dealer?? Also Von schweikert and Talon?
Rives Audio will be there. At CES Audiogon did put people's monikers on their badges--actually it was Stacy, and pretty much everyone was more than happy to have Stacy do this. It was nice to be able to find and meet some A'goners there. Hopefully they will repeat this.

I'm not sure about Sound Labs, but I do know Von Schweikert and Talon will be there.
Rives, Stacy has been calling and calling me, asking about the "cute guy" that does the room treatment.

Being the professional that I am, I refused her your phone number.

Next CES you can buy me dinner as a thank you.

Stacy and Rives (Albert Porter image)
I will be the one cryin with snot bubbles commin out my nose after I see what I cant afford!
I like your idea.

I can only go for part of one day. Does anyone know how to get in for just a short time? (at least long enough to meet Stacy)

Albert thank god you held out to you professional standards and didnt give that very personal info out who would want any stranger calling you at who knows what hours.

By the way you take such wonderful photos I am a big fan could you email me any other photos you may have of this stacy so I could study them for there artistic value
This is great...we are getting some responses...I forgot to mention Schroder Arms?? Will Frank and his products be there?
Hey Albert...how are you...hope you are going again this year! If so....enjoy the show!
I too can only get there for at most one day. Any suggestions on the best way to see the most in limited time? Any recommendations as to Sat or Sun? I might be able to come down Friday PM and stay through til 3 or 4 on Sat. How much time is needed?
Obviously, you don't proof your own photos. Either that,
or you're with Stacy right now.
Rwd, I wouldn't expect Sound Lab to be there. Normally they do one show a year, the CES. Your best option is to contact Sound Lab who may refer you to your nearest dealer. We're an accommodating lot :-)
Hi Swamp...I think that you will need at least 9-12 hours of real "hoofing" (walking around) to see most of the rooms.
However.....if you are looking for certain gear and or manufactures and you are not going to any of the special events (lectures) then you can do it in 4-6 hours??

Hope to see you there!