A question on some older CD players and the Ultra Analog DAC used in them

A couple of the best sounds I had in my system were from a Wadia and a Classe CD players that were using an Ultra Analog DAC.

Is/are Ultra Analog still in business? It would seem that in digital playback the digital to analog conversion is a first step down the road of music to listen to from a digital source. Is/are there any competition in the DAC chip part of the business? As most of us know, competition is a major key to better products in nearly every consumer field. Thanks, J   ,

 the chip may be the    Ultra Analog 20400 r2r DAC, but I am not sure about the DAC/chip number. 
Yes sometimes you can get lucky.
Be very, very careful it can become a pretty paperweight very fast !
My brothers 20 bit version can only be used as a preamp, or drive.
My 24 bit version has had 3 out of 4 dac chips changed already, and they are really hard to get now.