a question on Perpetual P-3A

Hi !

I have a question on Perpetual P-3A DAC.
In the specifications section of manual, it states that the output bit resoltion is selectable among 16, 18, 20 and 24 bits. But it does not mention how to do it. Plesae tell me if you know the answer, thanks!
Actually, it does tell you how to select the resolution if you read the manual. It's simple step-by-step. I used to own that unit so I no longer have the manual. But as I recall, you had to hold one of the buttons down for a few seconds and then toggle through the bit-rate positions with another button. I think the color of the LED indicated which bit rate was selected.
Wow, I have dug out my Perpetual rig, P-1/P-3/Monolithic Power/Revelation I2S, power links and ac cord.
Can't find the manuals. Evan Mr. Google is clueless. Any suggestions. Would you consider scanning and emailing yours?