A question of spikes...

I am building a new system, having been out of the "game" for some time. I have a pair of Stratus Goldi's (floorstanders). Not the end all speaker by any means, but I still want them to sound their best with my other equipment.

When using spikes under speakers on a carpeted floor, is it sufficent to adjust them to a height that simply gets tghe speaker's "hinnies" off the floor beneath the carpet, or is necessary to raise them so that there is a gap between the speakers and the top of the carpet pile? Also, does anyone have better experience using something like racing cones instead of spikes? What about otherwise unused amp stands? I am thinking that by using those it would disrupt the intended projection level of the speaker components. Yes, no, maybe? Thanks
Check out the website: Audiopoints.com call and speak to them.
My suggestion is to contact Paul Barton and see what he has to say about it. After all, who better to talk to than the guy that designed and built the product ??? He should know what will / won't make those speakers sing better than anyone. Sean
I'll also agree with giving Audio Points a call.

I just spoke with them yesterday for the first time as I was just searching for protective discs for spikes for new monitors I am purchasing.

I ended up speaking to them for probably at least an hour, learned a heck of a lot, probably ended up saving a lot of money playing around in the long run, and got a great run down on everything regarding energy flow/control, vibration, dampening, what they look for and like in the way of stands and speakers, and everything in between.

Good folks to talk to for anything point related, but frankly, anything stand/speaker related as well.
If you contcat Paul, please keep me posted on his response
Sol322 - I tried calling Paul at PSB. All I got was an answering woman who sort of chcukled and said, "oh, he is not available" and the after asking about spike length said she "wasn't really sure" regarding my questions and put me on hold while she "went to ask someone". When she finally came back she siad, "the guy here says you can use spikes or cones, thanks for calling". In other wors, pretty much exactly what I knew before "dropping my dimes"!
Well not that good a call......
I tried the stock footers on my Golds and first installed the round rubber capped ones.... then tried the spikes if I recall exactly an improvement but due to weight they felt flexy, having two kids 6 and 8 around and my living room doubling as listening space, motivated me for going for something sturdier so I tried Audiopoints. I ended up with a more rigid link to mother earth and fell far more secure.
It´s been a while since I made this and I might try again the stock ones to see if I get better results. I have made so many changes to my set up since I got the PSB's that maybe I overlooked something.

Regarding the height for the spike I believe that following the basic set up indications regarding tweeter height and ear level at your listenind chair should de OK.
I believe that in Audiopoints case and in many cone type system the area of contact between cone and speaker should be as large as possible i.e. resting against the speaker cabinet. I adjust tilt and height differences in my tiled floor with brass discs of different thicknesses....
Hope this helps