A question of height?

A bit of harmless fun...a survey of speaker height versus audiophile height.

I am 6 foot 4 inches tall and my speakers are 2 foot 9 inches tall.

Do taller A'goners generally have short speakers?

Do shorter A'goners tend to have tall towers?

You have probably heard the old story about how the type of dog says a lot about its owner. Is the same true for audiophiles? Any suggestions for other possible curious relationships between owners and gear? Tubes versus SS perhaps?
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Speakers are 65" tall (MG1.6). I am 68". Trying to make up for other inadequacies? Maybe.

SS = Lazy = my dominate trait.

Really the speaker choice is best bang for the buck withnin my budget that accomplishes the kind of presentation I like. Old school big PA arrays like the late 60's, early 70's, Dead and Allman Bros. stuff.

Jim S.
Shadorne, I only touch 6 foot but I listen to the big Sound Labs. They tower over you, me and certainly your speakers.
I am 74 inches tall, my speakers are 40 inches high.

This audiophile is 67" tall. My speakers are 79" tall. (Magnepan 20.1s) Hhhmmm!
i like tall speakers. it has nothing to do with my height (70 "). i may make an exception if i end up with quad 57s, as you predicted recently.

i think there is more of a relationship between speaker type (e.g., cone, horn or dipole) and personality or demographic variables.

i think liberals and non conformists are more likely to be owners of dipoles and conservatives and/or conformists are more likely to own cones. this is a hypothesis. i would like to obtain some data, but i am not sure of the most efficient way of facilitating such a study.

i could try a thread on this subject.
Me = 72.5"H

Speakers = 38"H + 2.5" of elevator shoes - er, i mean spikes.

FWIW, my dog is a German Shorthaired Pointer, who is about 24"H at the shoulder, and I've never heard him talk ABOUT me.
Take your height, divide by 1/4 of your age, add the output impedance of your amplifier, divide that by the number of compact discs in your collection, add the number of children, pets, and bedrooms in your house.

Subtract that total from dollar balance in your paypal account, convert to inches and that will give the proper speaker height for you.

Doesn't work in countries using the metric system.
Bill, I must be doing it wrong. By your calculations my speakers are supposed to be 42.17" tall.

The ones I choose are much taller. Do I get rid of our cats, convert a bedroom or go on HGH treatment to make it right?

With all due respect, you are quite wrong and as you can see below it is seriously being considered across the pond as well.

It does of course work in countries using the metric system. All you need is a bit of statistical finesse:

In France you will do exactly as suggested, however you substitute the number of bedrooms in your house by the number of your mistresses multiplied by the empty bottles of Rouge you produce per day. The PP account being in Euros of course, will very favourably be converted into US dollars, which helps you to get bigger speakers. The result though still in inches, can easily be converted into cm.
The French government in trying to establish this as standard for the entire European Union, is however opposed by Germany as well as the Chech Republic for obvious reasons and also by Berlusconi of Italy, who wouldn't mind the bottles but says that in his country mistresses are changing.. (that's what he said, the word he used was cambio, like Obama by the way, "change". Does it mean the mistresses are being changed, change lovers, change themselves ?? dunno!) At any rate, they are "changing", he said, so quickly that you generally lose count.

In Switzerland, which is not member of the European Union, the matter is still being debated. Things there are generally slow, so the matter will most probably only be resolved by 2055. There are two proposals under discussion:
The right wing parties propose a law, which simply states that any kind of speaker should not be larger than the size in cms of an Alphorn divided by 10, because size would matter after all and should not be dictated by foreign interests infringing on Swiss neutrality in this important matter of national interest. Best to forget about all the statistical bull. The Left, besides opposing the chauvinist and ethnocentric Right as they say, is even more against the French idea of mistresses, which being rather in favour of clandestine and condomised one night stands, they consider as improper, and are still debating whether the circumference or the depth of the average hole in Swiss Cheese should be chosen as a substitute for both the distasteful bourgeous Gallic libertinage as well as the so typically hegemonial US-American bedroom dictate. They have also formed a subcommission to find out, via Google and Wikepedia, what this Paypal thing actually stands for. Results aren't out yet and will not be expected until mid-summer of 2009.

The Brits again, being somewhat adverse to transatlantic interference in their matters, grudgingly do admit the merits of the American proposal, mostly of course because it is based on inches. They also rather like the number of bedrooms idea, finding the continental European ideas a bit too flashy. They will however, according to an interdiction from the Bank of England, substitute the Paypal account for the weight in ounces of all the editors (nude) of the 2 first best selling US audio magazines divided by the number of advertisers per last issue. They chose US mags as a tribute to the American resourcefulness of this idea under discussion. The exact effigies of every step involved in this matter will be published in the next bulletin of the Royal Bureau of Standards as well as on the Internet of course.

I am still not sure what is going on in Russia, India, China and Japan concerning this and would appreciate any information in this matter, which is of course of the greatest importance to our hobby. Thank you Shadorne for bringing this up and kudos to Bill for clarifying.
I'm 6'8", and my speakers (North Creek Eskas) are modest minitowers, at about 40" -- sadly out of proportion! I have been wondering: I often listen standing up (others like that out there?) does that mean I'm missing something? ( I do have the speakers slightly tilted back.) Do I need taller speakers, or 2 sets of speakers? I haven't noticed too much of a difference, but that may be because my standing and sitting music is different (say, Valerie Joyce seated, and Uncle Tupelo standing).

My cat is a Maine Coon, and appropriately outsized.

Somehow I don't feel that you are missing anything, although I cannot take Audiofeil's formula into consideration, (I take it you are American and Feil's national formula applies), because I don't know how many bedrooms you inhabit. You could of course, which every way it turns out to be, either stand on your toes as they do in ballet or lean back somewhat when listening in the standing up position in order to get things just right. A Main Coon is out of the equation anyway,I think, but you'd better ask Bill on that, in Europe they wouldn't even know the perfume of one and besides, as you can see above, they are still quibbling about the major issues.
I'm 5'8 and I just lay a couple of boxless drivers in my lap to listen. Should I stand up for better bass response?
The Maine Coon is a sitting down listener, and tends to inhabit the sweet spot on the back of the couch, so it's not an issue for her.

Just stand up when you wanna boogie.

J, good news, I always thought they would have good ears and Mt10425, do take J's advise, it seems sound, but ask Bill if you feel unsure all the same. I wouldn't know really, I am only what crummy Rummsfeld called an "old European" and sometimes, besides of not knowing what I know, I really don't know what I don't know, you know......
FWIW guys, remember what a good loving and faithful woman will tell you, size doesn't count its what you do with it that really counts.

In that vein, I recall from yester year some tall speakers from Acoustic Research, AR 9's I believe. Tall phallic systems with appropriate bass 'acoutrements'.

Personally I identify with the plight of those short speakers that sound great - its just a hard sell. Go figure.
Newbee: According to my first GF, her mom used to tell her, "It's sensitivity and caring that count most, but you can't drive a nail with a tack hammer." On the other hand, she wasn't all that faithful . . . maybe I'll stick with my mini-towers ;)