a question of cables, interconnects and CDPs

I am making up a small system for my study. I have an old Linn Majik amp, an old pair of Celestion 3 mini monitors and have just purchased on Agon the Celestion CS-35 passive subwoofer to go with the 3's. I need advice regarding a CDP, cables and interconnects.Keeping everything as budget orientated as possible, what CDP, cables and interconnects would be the most synergistic with the components I already have? I want the sound to be as warm and musical as possible and it will only be used at very moderate volumes. Thanks for your help!

If you would like to go the real budget route, try the JVC SA600/602 CD/DVD/DVD-A player. This was the player that was reviewed by The Absolute Sound in its latest issue. I own one and have it paired with a vintage Marantz 2240 receiver and NHT SB2 monitors. Nice, warm, and musical sounding unit.

This player was discussed here a few weeks ago DVD players with good CD sound. The JVC lists for $300 new, but can be had for $100 at J&R Music.

As for good cables priced right, go no further than Signal Cable. For about $100 or so, you will get nice performing interconnects and speaker cables. I use them in all my systems.

If the upgrade bug hits and you wish to upgrade the power cord on the JVC, try Audio Advisor for an upgrade by AudioQuest

If you go with everything that I mentioned here, including the power cord upgrade, you will be out about $300 ... a smoking deal for all new equipment that performs way above its price.

Regards, Rich