A question of bass... Several actually.

I recently auditioned Dynaudio 72's and Rega R3's.
I enjoyed them, the Regas mostly. I found the Dynaudios didn't live up to their hype.
When I asked about bass (speakers having full bass response) the salesman (who owns the shop) said "If you want bass you have to shell out the big bucks."
Is that it?
Is it necessary to spend $1000 per speaker or over to have audible, palpable, appropriate bass reproduction?
To be clear I am not talking about disco dancing bass, but bass frequencies are a necessary part of the audio spectrum.
The salesman also mentioned that for high end audio a separate subwoofer is not appropriate as it "doesn't track."
To cover this fully, doesn't putting the amp output into a sub's crossover to be split to satellites compromise imaging etc?
The source? E.g. CDP, DVD, music server/computer, Turntable, Tuner, Tape Deck, etc. - to go with your new amp and new speakers. Or maybe you are just telling me you are all set in that department...
Oh, duh! Turntable, CD, sometimes computer.
I'm set for sources now, but there's always upgrade.
If you do decide to go the sub route visit Vandersteen's site and take a look at the 2Wq. It's designed a bit different that most subs and will integrate very well with most any speakers.

Been lurking here, and have learned a lot from this thread. Enjoy your Rega's -- they're very nice.