A question for those of you with the album Momentary Lapse of Reason

I recently upgraded my speakers and cables and I'm hearing something new at the end of A New Machine Part 1 and the beginning of Terminal Frost that sounds off. There is a high pitched synthesizer tone playing that starts to sound ragged or harsh or maybe I'm hearing another instrument coming from the same area as the tone, maybe a tambourine?.....anyway...I've never encountered this before, maybe it's part of having a system with higher resolution? If you have the album or CD...do you hear the same thing?
Is it actually at the very beginning first 1-3 seconds of Terminal Frost, kinda sounds like a raspy whale whistle in the ocean that reverberates a little with slight overtones? i.e. sorta like slide-scraping a guitar pick down three strings of an electric guitar, etc.

If so, yes I can hear it through a few different sources. More transparent speakers, better drivers, and better crossovers, combined with more transparent cables offering less grain and passive filtering effect can help to let it shine through. 
Thanks decooney. I can hear it in the last several seconds of A New Machine. It’s on the left side of the sound stage. Then again during the opening seconds of Terminal Frost. I thought it was a defect in my tweeter. But I listened on head phones and I can hear it there too. My old system wouldn’t pick it up.