A question for JC-1 owners...

I'm trying to determine if it is worth the expense of upgrading the stock power cords
as I'm not sure if I buy into the whole PC mystique. The amps are on dedicated 20amp circuits.

1) Is it worth the expense?

2) What PC are you using?

3) What are the benefits and are they only subtle?
I use and would highly recommend the TG Audio SLVR power cord as Bob Crump not only makes the cord, but selected all parts and voiced the final JC-1 prototype before production so you will get great synergy. The benfits of the SLVR are not subtle compared to stock and deliver a much greater immediacy, focus, and overall more dynamic presentation --- will compete with cords far more expensive that their $500. price.

Yes, you absolutely must have aftermarket cords. There is a huge difference from stock cords. You will hear more weight and bass, a larger, more defined soundstage, and all instrumental timbres will be affected. On stock cords, you will have a strangulated, thin, dead, airless & constricted sound.

On my JC's, I have used AZ Tsunami cords & BMI Sharks, both of which are great matches. I have used others as well, but they did not deliver the same results.
I have to agree with Waldo51. Bob designed the JC-1. The SLVR is Bob's top of the line power cord. A designer voices to an individual preference. Seems like a no-brainer to me.

Tvad, I know about the SLVR's and have had some discussions via e-mail with Mr. Crump.
But at $500 a pop, I feel this is a worthy discussion topic. If a high percentage of JC-1 owners post that they have upgraded their pc's and it seemed to help little or not at all, then I'm not buyin'.
I'm trying to find out if this whole pc thing is just a bunch of snake oil.
Prefectionist, I don't blame you. I also wouldn't buy new.

Other than the stock cords I have tried a pair of Vh Audio Flavor 4 Golds, and the SLVRs mentioned above with the JC-1s. The SLVRs were noticeably better in all respects. I am familar with the SLVRs on a number of components, and they don't always work out in every situation. However, the SLVRs do a great job of enhancing the qualities of the JC-1s and even make up for a few perceived short comings. I felt from the first moment I heard the SLVRs on the JC-1s that they had been voiced together.
Might as well add my 2 cents to this as you guys are talking about me......I voiced the JC-1 with the stock cords and then moved onward to the SLVR which was a better match for the amp than the stock cord. The stock cord was the best sounding of the ones Parasound sent me to evaluate, but it didn't have the focus or stage of the SLVR.....Good listening Tvad!
Bob Crump
CTC Builders

What about your powercords makes them synergize with the JC-1's?
What other amps/items do they work with best?
Does length make a difference (2 short runs to the amp or 6' or longer)
In the past I found Silver Power cables tended to make things brighter, how did you get around it or what is the purpose of using the silver?
Cytocycle, only thing in the SLVR cords is the silver in the connectors which are silver plated 688 brass. The cord does well on virtually anything allowing a quieter and more focussed presentation. The wire is tin plated OFC, not silver.........
If you have any doubts you can try the AA cord. Go to audioasylum and do a search on it. You can make them yourself. I used Marinco IEC's as they are much easier to work with. Personally I doubt if anybody can hear a difference, at least I'm sure I couldn't, between power cords but the AA cords have a good reputation, are easy to make, and cost little to try. I needed custom length cords so bought the Belden 19364 and Pass and Seymour plugs and the Marinco IEC's I got from Partsexpress. These will cost you forty something each to build. At minimum they are high quality cords, the Belded is nicely shielded. Also I think Mr. Crump is the one who came up with this diy recipe but don't hold me to it.
Warnerwh, yep I gave the DIY recipe cord to AA based upon a twenty-two year old design and think it is still better than 90% of the aftermarket cords out there.............
I know this is a fairly old thread but I thought I would update it anyway. I bought new Harmonic-Tech Pro AC-10 pc's for my JC-1's. At first I wasn't impressed, in fact, the bass really leaned out. But after 20-30 hours, things improved greatly. Detail, imaging, soundstaging and tight, taut, tuneful bass. I am extremly impressed with the improvements and enhancements these pc's made to my system. I want to also mention that they plug into two seperate dedicated 20amp circuits with Furutech FP-2G outlets.
Are the rockets placed on top to help the sound "take off"?

Well, with the addition of the pc's, sometimes it feels like it's gonna take off!
I was very skeptical that pc's would have any or little effect, I was pleased to be proven wrong and it was money well spent. The Starship lava lamps' finish complements the JC-1's
to a "T" and they look pretty cool with the lights off as well!

Hmmm...I wonder if I can improve the lava lamps perfomance with aftermarket pc's???